Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Jamie Is Severely Injured

Jamie was so desperate to finally see Narissa again that he got tunnel vision. All he could see was the motorcycle and the female rider before him. He couldn’t see anything else.

He was still speeding up, and the distance between his car and the motorcycle gradually shortened. When Jamie’s car speed reached its threshold, his grip on the steering wheel tightened until his knuckles turned white as he stared at the back of the female rider unblinkingly. He was afraid that the woman haunting his dreams would disappear if he blinked.

If he could catch up with her this time, he would confess his love for her without hesitation. However, it seemed that his wish would not be granted. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, a heavy truck suddenly rushed out from the left, brutally crashing into his car. His car spun out of control and finally stopped when it hit a pole on the side of the road.

Warm blood flowed from his forehead to the corner of his eyes. The inflated airbag squeezed Jamie’s chest so tightly that he could barely breathe. Coupled with his severe blood loss, including other devastating injuries due to the violent impact, he gradually felt himself losing consciousness as his vision blurred.

He used the remaining strength he had to weakly raise his head to look at the woman he had been pursuing with all he had.

The woman parked the motorcycle nearby, and the female rider was clearly looking in his direction, but she had no intention of approaching him.

His mind was getting fuzzier as the seconds ticked by. The last image in Jamie’s mind was of the female rider restarting the motorcycle’s engine and speeding away without looking back.

One hour later, Thomas came out of the operating theater, swept his solemn gaze at the people across him, and said gravely, “He’s not doing well. All of his internal organs are ruptured, and the chance of survival is very slim. Therefore, I’ll be issuing a critical condition notice. Please notify his family as soon as possible.”

“No! We can’t just give up!” Elise shouted in despair. “What about Claude? Can he save Jamie’s life?”

Thomas pursed his lips and confided, “Claude was last seen in South America. Even if he truly is there, it takes at least ten hours for him to travel to Tissote. Jamie can’t wait that long.”

“I don’t care! Go in and do the surgery now. I’ll definitely get Claude here. Go!” Elise pushed Thomas into the operating theater.

To her, Jamie was more than a friend. They had spent years going through ups and downs in life. Elise had long regarded him as her own brother. She could not bear to see him die.

Alexander pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly. “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

He then looked at Thomas and asked, “Do you have any alternatives?”

Thomas thought over their options for a moment. Then, he suggested, “BJ Biotech is developing a new drug that can quickly repair damaged cells in organs and increase the speed of cell regeneration. Their preliminary test on animals was successful, but there is no record of their clinical trials. Still, I’ve studied their papers and data. I think it’s worth a try.”

“Okay. I’ll negotiate with them.” Alexander released Elise and immediately turned to make arrangements.

“Wait! BJ Biotech is a foreign enterprise. If you talk to them directly, they may demand an exorbitant price. Remember that!” Thomas reminded him sternly.

“Noted.” Alexander nodded. Then, he turned and said to Elise when a thought crossed his mind, “If you can locate Claude, try your best to bring him here. We don’t know if the new drug will work. It’s good to have plan B in place.”


Elise patted her face to sober up. It was time for her to slip into her other persona.

After Alexander had made the necessary arrangements, he didn’t waste a single second as he set off.

Meanwhile, Elise logged into Jamie’s account and used all the influence of Dragonweiss and SK Group to offer a reward for the capture of Claude.

At the same time, Narissa, who was abroad, felt a sharp pang in her heart as if she could sense what had happened a thousand miles away.

Due to her momentary daze, the glass slipped out of her hand and smashed into pieces.

An abrupt feeling of weightlessness followed this sudden pain. It was as if she was stepping on cotton, and the whole world was spinning.

Narissa clutched her chest as though she was staunching a bloody wound. Then, after her short trance, she hastily rushed upstairs in a flurry of movement, blindly grabbed her phone, and dialed Elise’s number.

“Anastasia, it’s me. Is Ja… Are you alright?”

“Narissa, Jamie is not doing well. Please come back.”

They were a thousand miles apart, but Elise’s pleading still managed to tug at Narissa’s heartstrings.

She didn’t remember how she asked about what happened. All she remembered was that she blurted, “Got it,” and ended the call.

Narissa stood by the window absent-mindedly as she turned her head to the large mirror beside her. Then, after she stared at herself in the mirror for three seconds, she ran to her father’s study and opened the door.

“Okay, I’ll marry that man with one condition. I want one of the drugs their company is developing.”

Three hours later, a pale Thomas walked out of the operating theater, his footsteps heavy. He removed his mask, bowed his head dejectedly, and muttered in despair, “Go in and say your last goodbyes.”

Elise sat on the bench, gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists as she stared at the computer screen. She couldn’t bring herself to take a step forward. To her, taking such a step would be admitting her loss to Death itself.

Although Danny knew her reluctance, he still coaxed, “Elise, please go. He has always respected you. I’m sure he wants to see you right now.”

Elise swallowed hard as she felt a lump in her throat. Despite understanding the meaning behind his words, she didn’t answer him. If she pretended that she couldn’t hear that, maybe, just maybe, all of this would just be a nightmare. She’ll wake up, and none of this would be happening.

Hundreds of messages kept showing up on the monitor. It was a joint search for Claude by two organizations. They were so close to finding Clause’s exact location.

She needed five more hours, and her men would get Claude back.

By then, Jamie would be okay. So why wouldn’t he be fine?

He would come back to life and make a fool of himself again like the silly kid he had always been. Goodbye? No, she did not want to say goodbye to him!

“Elise!” Danny began to sob. “Don’t you want Jamie to rest in peace?!”

He tried to pull her into the operating theater by force, but Elise shook his hand off her violently. “Don’t touch me!”

“Fine! If you don’t want to go, we’ll go! With or without you!”

Danny wiped his tears and decided to enter the operating theater to say goodbye to Jamie as a closure.

But just as he turned around, three tall and burly men in suits stood at the end of the corridor and came toward them aggressively. One of the men was carrying a case in his hand.

The man in the lead took off his sunglasses and calmly inquired, “Excuse me, may I know which of you is Miss Anatasia White?”

Elise slammed her laptop shut in a hurry upon hearing the mention of her alias. She rose to her feet and directed her sharp gaze at them. “That would be me. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The man took the case from his partner, opened it, and presented it swiftly. Then, he showed the content of the case to her. “Miss White, this is a new drug developed by our company which has a miraculous effect on organ damage. I hope this drug will be able to assist you.”

Elise keenly noticed the letters BJ engraved on the edge of the case, and she regarded them warily. “Are you from BJ Biotech? Did Alexander Griffith contact you?”

“Mr. Griffith? Oh, no.” The man smiled, “This is a direct order from my boss’ wife. She said that you are her friend and instructed us to deliver the drug to you.”

With that, he closed the case and handed it to Elise. “Miss White, please accept it.”

Jamie’s life was at stake, and there was no time for her to waste. Therefore, she hurriedly accepted the case without hesitation. “Thank you.”

Finally, she turned around and handed the case to Thomas. “Please, you must save Jamie.”

“Don’t worry.”

Thomas took the case and stormed to the operating theater with renewed vigor.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at the turn of events as the operating light representing life was switched on again.

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