Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Brendan’s Pet

It was Boss! It was Elise! His goddess had returned! Elise again affirmed Jamie’s speculation, “Yes, it’s me.”

“Bos—” Jamie was over the moon but tried hard to remain calm. “Yes, I knew it! I knew it was you. Only you can convince me to worship you as my idol.”

“Yup. See? I, Anastasia, can survive the ordeal on the sea and sit here talking to you. Are you telling me that you are inferior to me and don’t have the slightest spirit to fight?” Elise squeezed his hand tighter, trying to give him courage and strength.

“Bo—no, Elise, don’t worry. I know what to do. I will not give up!” As he spoke, his eyes turned teary. It was good that Elise was still alive. Since she survived, his faith would not collapse!

At this moment, he became the fearless Jamie again, and his body was full of energy. He felt like he could do anything! “Finally! This is Jamie that I know!” Elise patted his arm and chuckled. “Rest well. The engagement party is two months away. So it’s not too late.”

“Don’t worry. I’m unbeatable! As long as I’m alive, Narissa won’t marry anyone!” At the villa on the outskirts of the city.

Meanwhile, at a particular villa on the outskirts of the city, Brendan rose with the sun. After he washed up, he moved toward the bed, leaned down, and kissed Yuri’s forehead before leaving.

When the door closed, Yuri opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a while. Then, she lifted the covers, pushed herself off the bed, walked to the window, and carefully lifted the curtain.

She saw Brendan getting into the car parked in the courtyard and driving away swiftly.

However, the bodyguards around the villa’s perimeter did not leave with him. Instead, they were stationed at all the potential escape routes she could use and guarded the spot like emotionless robots.

Without Brendan’s permission, no one could come in and out of the villa. She had spent the past six months living like this.

Most of the time, Yuri felt like she was Brendan’s pet. All pretty and caged for his pleasure and only allowed to do his bidding and only his. But, now that she was on that train of thought, maybe a marionette on strings would fit better.

He didn’t love her, but he was addicted to controlling her. His obsession with control was a vice he couldn’t be rid of.

After she stood by the window for a few minutes, she went to the bathroom to wash her face and went downstairs to make her own breakfast.

She was warming a glass of milk when she heard a rustling sound from the balcony window.

She strolled over casually while holding a glass of milk and saw a tall figure standing outside the window. The figure seemed anxious as he searched for the window’s lock, considering how he was rather conspicuous with his fumbling. If she were anyone else, he would have been captured by now.

This mysterious person intrigued her. There were a total of six bodyguards around the villa, but someone still managed to sneak in.

She boldly lifted the curtain and was surprised to see that the figure was Christopher.

As their eyes met, both were a little bewildered, but Christopher was the first to come to his senses. He pointed to the lock and gestured to Yuri to open the door for him.

Perhaps she was feeling rather lonely, and having another person in such a long time was an enticing option. So, Yuri didn’t hesitate to unlock the door and let him in.

“What brings you here?” Yuri asked curiously.

“I couldn’t get in touch with you, and when I went to your company, they said that you resigned months ago. So, I might have stalked Brendan for a long time before discovering this place. I didn’t expect to see you here!” Christopher seemed very worked up towards the end of his tirade.

“Why are you looking for me? We broke up a long time ago.” Yuri remained indifferent.

“You know why.” Her indifference doused his excitement, but he stubbornly continued, “You know I’ve been waiting for you.”

At this moment, he suddenly paused, ran to the window, and looked around vigilantly. Then, he came to pull Yuri’s hand and ran toward the door. “We can’t talk now. Come on. I’ll get you out of here.”

Yuri shook off his hand. “This is none of your business. Hurry up and leave.”

Christopher was too naive to think that she could escape Brendan’s grasp. It was a fluke that he managed to sneak in. Brendan’s surveillance was perhaps not foolproof considering Christopher’s appearance, but enough to deter her from making her grand escape. Besides, she knew that Christopher would be spotted within minutes if he left now. So forget rescuing her from this hell. It was already challenging enough for him to escape on his own.

Brendan’s sanity was in shambles. She did not want to drag Christopher into this madman’s schemes.

Alas, Christopher mistakenly thought that she did not want to leave Brendan. He frowned as he persuaded, “Yuri, how can you be so foolish? You love him, but he is not a good person. Do you think he’s nice to you just because he keeps you here so that you don’t have to work or socialize? No! He’s locking you up! He has brainwashed you. No way, I must get you out of here!”

After that, he reached out and tried to grab her hand again.

Yuri deliberately stood a distance away from him and feigned annoyance. “No, I know exactly what I’m doing. I want to stay here. How much do you know about me anyway? Stop being so dramatic, and get the hell out of here! If you don’t leave now, I’ll call the guards!”

Her seemingly insensitive remarks succeeded in hurting Christopher’s heart. He froze in bewilderment and took a while to regain his composure. “No, you’re clearly not thinking straight. I can’t just sit by and watch you fall deeper into his trap!”

He knew very well that Yuri did not want to live like this. The only way he could explain her bizarre behavior was that she must have been hypnotized by Brendan or worse.

Only by taking her out of here and sobering her up would she understand that he was doing this with her well-being in mind.

Therefore, Christopher gave up on reasoning with her as he decided to bring her with him by force. He rushed over, hugged Yuri, and forcibly dragged her out.

At this moment, an eerily cold voice resonated from the door.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

Christopher looked in the direction of the voice and saw Brendan standing expressionlessly at the door. Brendan looked like a dormant beast in the forest, ready to attack its prey as he fixed his fearsome glare on Christopher.

When Christopher was distracted, Yuri hurriedly broke free from his embrace and hid behind the sofa.

Brendan curled his lips into a mirthless smirk as he stared at Christopher. “Mr. Edwards, do you mind explaining what you’re doing in my villa? This is trespassing, isn’t it?”

“I think you’d better explain why you imprisoned Yuri in the first place!” Christopher stood upright and yelled, “There are so many bodyguards all over the villa! Brendan, talk about bending the law to its limits! How dare you kidnap her in broad daylight and imprison her?!”

Brendan chuckled contemptuously. “Imprison? Did Yuri tell you that, or is this a figment of your imagination?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Why would an interior designer with a promising future suddenly break off all ties with the outside world? But, Brendan, do you know what you’re doing is illegal?!” Christopher said in a solemn tone.

It didn’t matter if this man utterly bewitched Yuri. On the contrary, he would help her so that Brendan could not entirely control her.

“Hahaha!” Brendan laughed disdainfully. “Mr. Edwards, you’re so dramatic. It’s very normal for a man and a woman who fall in love with each other to live together, isn’t it? So why do you have to make it sound so scary?”

“Stop changing the subject! No matter how much you love each other, you can’t restrict the other person’s freedom. That’s enough. I will take Yuri away today!”

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