Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Brendan Was Ambushed

The airbags were launched in record time due to the violent collision. After the heavy impact, Brendan could feel his ears ringing, and he briefly lost his vision. Concussion, at the very least. Fortunately, he soon regained his sight.

The first thing he did was turn his head to check on Yuri. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” “I’m fine… Your head!” Yuri was safe and sound, but she saw blood flowing down his forehead.

Brendan absent-mindedly touched his wound when he saw several people coming out of the cars from his peripheral vision. Besides, judging from their current situation, there was no way that those people were Good Samaritans. Therefore, he couldn’t waste his time on an injury right now. So, he swiftly unbuckled his seat belt.

“Stay in the car, and wait for me. No matter what happens, don’t get out of the car.” After he gave her firm instructions, he yanked the door open, got out of the car, and walked toward the men.

He calmly buttoned the last button of the suit and asked, trying to probe for information, “Gentlemen, mind telling me who you work for? I’m with Smith Co. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?”

Considering their subsequent actions, these men were not in the mood for a friendly chat. Well, more like not in the mood for a conversation at all. That was because about four to five men attacked him simultaneously.

Brendan dodged their attacks swiftly, and they did not manage to hurt him one bit. However, he was forced to be on defense as he was severely outnumbered and injured. It was clear that these men were planning on wearing him down. He had to hand it to them; it was a good tactic. If the skirmish dragged on, he would soon be at a disadvantage. For that reason, he desperately had to find a breakthrough to end the fight as quickly as possible.

He soon figured out that the leader of the men was the man with a mustache smoking at the side. Hence, he timed his attacks, kicked a man in the way, rushed out of the ambush, and succeeded in bringing their leader to heel. “Stop! All of you!”

The pen that was a measly stationery had now become a possible murder weapon. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much of a choice regarding his weapon, so he had to make do as he pressed the pen against the man’s neck.

It was evident that Brendan had managed to turn the tide and take control of the situation.

Just as he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, one of the men succeeded in sneaking into his car due to his inattention and held a sharp dagger against Yuri’s neck. The man pressed the blade’s sharp edge against her neck, causing blood to ooze from the cut. The bright red of her blood created a stark contrast to her fair skin.

“Well, well, Mr. Brendan! You think you’re so good at fighting, don’t you? Go on! I want to see if you want to bask in the glory of winning or keeping your family safe!” the man jeered, all the while pressing the dagger harder against Yuri’s neck.

“No! Stop!” Brendan immediately let go of the man with a mustache and raised his hands in defeat. “Don’t hurt her. Just come at me.”

The leader massaged his reddened neck. He felt humiliated after being held hostage, albeit briefly, so he didn’t hesitate to attack Brendan.

The defeated fighters lunged forward and joined their leader to beat Brendan mercilessly. They had no intention of stopping, even when Brendan had spat out blood due to his injuries.

“No, stop! Brendan, go! Leave me! I don’t want to owe you favors! Get up and leave! Help! Help us, please! Help…”

Yuri desperately cried for help, but they were in the middle of nowhere. No one could hear her cries and aid them. Instead, her desperate wails and the sound of Brendan being used as a punching bag echoed across the mountain.

After the men were finally satisfied tormenting Brendan, he didn’t even have the strength to get up. Eventually, the leader grinned and stopped his men. “Alright, that’s enough. Bring that woman over.”

Yuri was forcefully dragged out of the car and made to kneel before Brendan. The man pressed her head down so that her face was only inches away from his, and she could clearly see his severely wounded face.

Yuri’s tears streamed down her cheeks like rivers as she looked at his bloody and lifeless face. Her heart hurt so much, as if her heart was being roasted on a spit.

Why?! Why did he treat her so well?! She could never ever repay his favor in this life or the next! At this moment, the leader grabbed Brendan’s hair, pulled his head up, and forced him to look at Yuri. “How is it, Mr. Designer? You’re still alive, aren’t you?”

“Listen carefully. I want you to make sure that Alexander loses at the clothing design selection. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll ensure that your wife will experience what you’ve experienced today! Every punch and every kick!”

He patted Brendan’s bloody face and threatened flatly, “This is just a warning. Remember what you feel today. If you try to outsmart me, I promise that death will be an unattainable wish for you!”

With that, he signaled his men, got into the car, and drove away, leaving the couple behind. Yuri crawled over, helped Brendan up from the ground, and embraced him gently. She patted his face repeatedly, trying to wake him up.

“Brendan. Brendan! Can you hear me?”

“Don’t sleep! Oh, come on, open your eyes and look at me! Look at me, okay?”

“Please, open your eyes and say something! Please! Help! Somebody, help us! Help!”

It was already late at night, and she felt despair weighing on her as darkness swallowed them whole. The only illumination came from the busted headlights. Brendan was motionless in her embrace, but his warm and slow breathing indicated that he was still alive.

Yuri quickly regained her composure and suddenly thought of a small clinic they had passed by a few minutes ago. With that thought in mind, she decided to take Brendan there for treatment.

The car was damaged and could not be started. Despite facing such a challenge to her simple plan of getting Brendan some treatment, she didn’t wallow in her negativity as she made a simple stretcher using spare tires and climbing rope. By hook or by crook, she was going to get Brendan to that clinic.

After the stretcher was ready, she intended to move Brendan to the tires when he suddenly woke up, grabbed her arms, and refused to budge. It seemed as if he was trying to resist her.

“You’re already so injured, so for once in your life, can you please stop fighting me?!” Yuri was frustrated and anxious.

Brendan opened his eyes with difficulty and looked at her. Then, after a long while, he opened his mouth and whispered weakly, “How about we start anew?”

Yuri felt a lump in her throat and almost geared up, but she forced herself to stay calm and chided, “You’re always so willful and stubborn. This is not the moment to talk about this! Get up!”

Brendan used the last strength he had to tug her into his arms. His blood-stained eyelashes flickered slightly, and he began to cry. “Every day when you push me away, it feels like you’re leaving me forever. Let me die here if you don’t want to be with me. I love you so much, yet I have to pretend to hate you. It’s so tiring and heartbreaking…”

He looked at her with his teary eyes and pouted sadly. The blood on his face made him look even more miserable and pathetic.

Yuri could not bear to say any hurtful words when she looked at his face and earnest gaze. Brendan suddenly fainted in her arms the instant he noticed her change. “Brendan! No! Wake up!”

No matter how she shook him or shouted at him, Brendan didn’t respond, and she freaked out. “I’m sorry! I swear I will stop fighting you! We can start over! Let’s date again! Please wake up! I’ll do anything you want!”

“I’m sorry, Brendan. I lied. I miss you every single day. I’ve never forgotten you. Please wake up!”

Yuri hugged him tightly, fearing that he would die in her arms just like that. At this moment, Brendan suddenly coughed violently. Then, he opened his eyes and grinned impishly. “I almost suffocated.”

Yuri was taken aback by his words. Then, when she realized what had happened, she snapped out of it and shouted at him angrily, “What the hell?! Are you kidding me right now?!”

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