Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Fish in Troubled Waters

Just as Yuri reached out to punch him, Brendan caught her fist in his palm. There was a sense of serenity in his gaze when he looked at her solemnly. ”You’ve promised me whether it was a lie or a joke. A man never goes back on his words, so don’t even think of ditching me again.”

She twisted her wrist but couldn’t break free as she instinctively retorted, ”So what? I’m a woman and not a man. So, it doesn’t count.”

Brendan frowned as the strength of his hands increased unconsciously. ”Are you trying to go back on your words? I won’t allow it!”

Yuri sighed helplessly before tugging him. ”Get up. I’ll take you to the hospital.” aHis grip on her remained tight as he stubbornly remained where he was.

He would rather die than return to the state when their relationship was still up in the air.

Yuri had no choice but to surrender. ”I won’t take back my words if you follow me obediently, okay?”

Brendan was stunned for a moment, released his hand, and nodded like a child. ”Okay.”

Despite the clinic being a few minutes away by car, Yuri dragged Brendan for more than half an hour.

After he got himself checked out by the doctor and received IV treatment, the nurse came to treat Brendan’s wound.

The nurse handled the wound efficiently like it was no big deal, which was a huge contrast as Brendan was in so much pain that he couldn’t keep himself from squirming.

Yuri couldn’t stand it and took responsibility. ”I have experience in this, so let me handle it. You should go and take a rest, nurse.”

”Alright, if there’s anything, just call me.”The nurse yawned and went back to the lounge.

Yuri found a stool, placed the tray aside, and carefully applied ointment on Brendan.

Brendan’s eyes never left her figure. After a while, he couldn’t help but ask, ”Who took care of you when you were sick during all those years when abroad?”

”I don’t usually get sick, but I rely on myself when I am sick. Unfortunately, people with poor fortune can’t count on outsiders,” Yuri said lightly.

”You can rely on me from now on.”Brendan said seriously, ”You have to remember you are no longer alone anymore, ouch-”

Before he finished speaking, Yuri accidentally touched the wound. It hurt so much that he inhaled sharply.

”Sorry,” Yuri apologized immediately. She looked at his furrowed brows and teased, ”Designer Brendan, you should look after yourself first.”

Brendan’s eyes flickered; he did not answer as if he recalled something.

After Yuri bandaged him up, she accompanied him into the ward. Soon, the two fell asleep.

The day after tomorrow, Brendan woke up and allowed the nurse to remove the syringe. Then, he carried Yuri to the bed and dialed Alexander’s number in a phone he had borrowed from the nurse.

”I have some issues here…” Brendan explained what had occurred last night.

”Where are you guys now?” Alexander inquired sharply.

”At her hometown’s clinic, it’s no big deal, but the other party was obviously prepared. I’m just warning you because I’m worried they have other arrangements.” Brendan said calmly.

”I see. Just be back as soon as possible.”

After Brendan talked to him for some time, both brothers hung up.

”What happened?” Elise came over with two glasses of wine and handed one to Alexander.

”I think Wendy Jennings must have her eyes on Brendan.” Alexander looked solemn.

”As there are only a handful of top fashion designers in the country, and Brendan is the best among them, so it makes sense to be targeted. Is he okay?” Elise asked.

”He was safe and sound,” Alexander said.

Elise nodded and carefully pondered things over. ”First Jamie, now Brendan. It looks like Wendy is bound to win the designer selection this time, but she is a little too eager to win by simply firing off one shot after another.”

”Being enthusiastic is not bad, but being insufficiently eager makes her more prone to mistakes. The alleged errors occur when people are preoccupied. Our strategies will be more effective the more specific Wendy’s objectives are.” Alexander’s eyes were piercing like that of a master tactician.

Elise’s eyes lit up as she heard his words. ”Since Wendy wanted Brendan to be the spy, let’s turn the murky waters murkier. We could cooperate with her schemes and feign confusion to buy more time. ”

Alexander raised his glass in respect for her brilliance. ”That is exactly what I planned to do.”

As expected of his wife, always on the same page.

The weather became cooler in September. Yveltalia’s Prince Charlie and Princess Diana also arrived in the imperial capital on this day to begin their royal tour.

After the meeting with the official seniors, the prince and princess were led by the mayor to their welcome party.

This is the most exclusive venue in the capital. The attendees were either wealthy or of noble lineage; some of them were renowned designers who had recently achieved significant success in the fashion industry.

The prince and princess were surrounded by people the moment they entered.

Some wanted fame; some wanted to network, and so on… Suffice to say, everyone had their own motives behind friendly smiles and polished courtesies.

As the most famous designer, Brendan did not go forward to please them. Instead, he was standing by himself in the corner.

Soon, Wendy came to the venue with her assistant.

She looked around and locked her eyes on Brendan, who was entirely out of sorts. Then, she swooped in like a hawk locking onto its prey.

”Designer Brendan, what a pleasure.” Wendy reached out for a handshake.

Brendan looked up, and his eyes grew ferocious and menacing as he saw her face. Nevertheless, he could not afford to cause a scene, so the only tells of his fraying temper were his hands balling into fists as his nails bit into the palm of his hands.

Wendy’s hand hung in the air for a moment, and then she withdrew it calmly. ”I heard that Designer Brendan had gotten back with his first love. Isn’t this worth celebrating?”

Brendan’s eyes turned even more vicious. ”I don’t understand. You have come this far. Why bother doing all of this? What do you want?”

Wendy smiled. ”Sometimes, it’s bad when you know too much. Instead, you have reunited with your first love so cherish the moment. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Brendan was calm inside, but he still played the part of a man feeling threatened astoundingly as he glared at her. At that very moment, he truly embodied the description, ‘if only looks could kill’.

”Ms.Wendy,” Alexander appeared from behind and stood beside him. ”Long time no see. It seems that you’re getting along with my little brother very well?”

Wendy smiled mysteriously. ”Mr.Griffith has such a good right-hand man. It seems that the designer selection will surely be yours. ”

Alexander placed his hand on Brendan’s shoulder. ”There will be no downsides when brothers join forces. Therefore, that is only normal. I believe that Ms.Wendy won’t be disappointed.”

Wendy gave Brendan a deep look and walked away with her assistant.

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