Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Wendy Jennings Stole The Limelight

When Wendy and her assistant left, Brendan finally relaxed. ”How did I do?” he asked as he nudged Alexander playfully. ”The anxiety of being threatened, the drama of choosing to betray your family easily got you three points for being such a talented actor! You should have joined Jack in showbiz.”

”Oh, very funny!” Brendan shook his head, turned around, and placed his wine glass down.’ ‘My scenes are over. Let’s go.” ”A rising star shouldn’t be leaving his play this early!” Alexander teased him.

”I can assure you that if Elise were waiting for you at home right now, you’d get yourself kicked out faster than me.” Brendan purposely picked on him.

”Forget what I said. Just see yourself out.” Brendan smiled cheekily. Then, he donned his anxious mask and departed from the party. Not long after he left, Simon called Alexander over.

”Your highnesses, this is Mr. Alexander from Smith Co. I trust that we will be able to produce more than satisfactory designs for the competition!” Simon introduced him proudly.

Alexander nodded his head politely as a way of greeting. ”Really?” Prince Caleb was hooked as he questioned, ”Perhaps we would have the honor of meeting the representative of Smith Co.?”

Wendy, who wasn’t far away, quirked her lips into a subtle smile. She had seen Brendan leave the building. So, she would just love to see what Alexander could pull out of his sleeves now.

”I apologize, Prince Caleb. Unfortunately, our company’s representative hasn’t been feeling well. So I sent him home to rest to be able to participate in the competition in his best condition.” Alexander explained confidently.

He spoke with an air of self-assurance, so it was easy enough for him to earn the trust of the prince and princess.

”Don’t worry about it. The people’s health always comes first. Please give our salutations to Mr. Griffith. We truly wish your genius designer a speedy recovery.” Prince Caleb said, as he was of gentle nature and wasn’t about to make things difficult for Alexander.

”Is Amy the designer of Smith Co.?” Princess Diana asked. Even though her Mandarin was poor, she asked excitedly before switching back to her mother tongue. ”You know what, she’s the best designer! If Amy is going to compete, it couldn’t be any more perfect!”

The Amy she’s talking about is actually Elise Sinclair!

But, of course, Alexander will not reveal his trump card this early. Therefore, as an attempt to smooth things over, ”As the wise had said, the waves behind drive on those before. Amy’s reign has already passed, and there is now an endless stream of excellent designers in Cittadel. I’m sure there will definitely be someone who will make the princess shine!”

”Okay, then I’m eager to meet the new rising star in fashion design.” Princess Diana chimed in enthusiastically.

Wendy came up to Alexander and decided to interrupt their friendly chat.

”Prince Caleb, with all due respect, the champions of Princeton University design competition are over this way. However, if your highnesses don’t mind, I would like to give you a tour.” Wendy cut in with a friendly smile.

”Yeah, we don’t mind. We will be able to see the most outstanding designer! Madam, will you please lead the way?” Princess Diana promptly said, utterly intrigued.

”Right this way, your highnesses!” Wendy stood aside with her cane to allow them to pass.

Prince Caleb led Princess Diana to the main entrance.

Wendy turned to leave on her high heels but turned to Alexander with a sly smile, ”Sorry for stealing your thunder, Alexander. I’ll definitely let you have it next time. If there’s a next time.”

”Don’t worry. The wind blows both ways. Since you’re the elder, you ought to have the first pick. On the bright side, the royal highnesses will see my brother’s incomparable work of art after your grand tour. I should be thanking you for giving us this opportunity!” Alexander replied nonchalantly.

Wendy shook her head in contempt.

Elise was gone, and Brendan was her pawn. Yet, Alexander was still immersed in the fantasy of his own making, where he still had a fighting chance.

”I hope that you’ll be able to have the last laugh!”

Call her petty; although she knew that victory was hers, she refused to allow Alexander to have the last say. So, she held on to her assistant’s arm and turned to follow the prince and princess’ footsteps.

The royal guard walked over briskly after she left. He quickly tucked a business card into Alexander’s hand and continued his duty to chaperone the prince and princess.

Alexander read the card and saved the number into his contacts. His face was expressionless as he put the business card away as if nothing had happened then he headed back to the party.

Meanwhile, Jamie ate his supplements heartily despite being a patient confined to his private ward. Julius and Arthur sat at his bedside with grim looks. Despite remaining silent, they were thinking about similar things.

They both know Elise’s secret account in Dragonweiss, and no one else can access that account besides her. No one had been able to since she disappeared seven years ago.

However, when Jamie got into an accident, Elise’s account mysteriously came back to life. They were both worried about Boss’ safety yet terrified that her account had been hacked. Everything happened one after another, which made it difficult for them to voice their concerns.

Initially, they intended to visit Jamie at the hospital to discuss the situation. Yet, when they walked into the ward, there sat a man who was so cheerful that it was highly suspicious.

Julius and Arthur sat for around ten minutes, then turned to look at each other. Then, finally, they both exchanged a glance, stood up in sync, and trapped Jamie.

”Explain yourself! Did you sell our Boss out to save your life?!”

The door of the ward swung open as the words left his mouth, and in came Elise wearing the mask of Anastasia White.

She raised a brow when her eyes laid on such an interesting scene. ”What are you guys doing?”

Julius and Arthur didn’t expect a stranger to participate in a Dragonweiss meeting. At that moment, they scrambled for an excuse to divert the stranger’s attention.

Jamie used that distraction to shove the two men off him. After the successful attempt, he began to cuss them out, ”Hey, how could you question me like this? The boss saved me. I, Jamie Keller, will never sell out my boss. Are your brains there for decorations? Hm? Where is it? Did a pig eat them? Or were my snacks actually your brains?”

Elise facepalmed, ”Do you even think before you speak?”

Jamie sheepishly scratched his forehead and looked at them innocently. ”Hehe, it’s my mistake. I’m a patient, you know. You can’t hold this against me.”

Elise looked at him, tilted her chin up, then pointed quietly at Arthur beside him.

Jamie immediately made an OK gesture with his hands quietly, then cleared his throat, ”From now on, Anastasia White is the new boss of Dragonweiss and will be welcomed warmly with applause!”

As soon as Jamie finished his announcement, Arthur and Julius made eye contact, confused. In the whole ward, there was only applause coming from Jamie himself. It soon quieted down, and the atmosphere turned awkward.

Arthur didn’t bother hiding his hostility as he snarled, ”There is only one head in Dragonweiss, and no one can replace them!”

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