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Time: the very first day of access formalities!

Combat web content: According to the college’s demands, bear youngsters are physically tortured, no, it is exercise!

Using a piece of sportswear, Ethan really felt fairly comfy. I have to say that it is undoubtedly a pleasurable surprise to have such comfy garments in a location like Hedong!

They seem to be specifically keen on what they enjoy, and desire the best of every little thing, not the most appropriate!

Take this set worn by Ethan presently as an example, it set you back Ning Kun nearly three thousand oceans, and also his distress made him tremble. This is his own money!

Seeing Jiang Haozheng standing in front of the mirror with an arrogant face, Ning Kun spoke in disgust, “You better take care, do not be mad at those bear children!”

Ethan recalled at Ning Kun as well as stated with antipathy, “Do not fret, my psychological endurance is still really solid. What can a few bear kids do to me?”

After saying this, he could not assist thinking about the people he saw in the teaching structure the other day.

So after a moment of silence, he stated, “When I went to the interview yesterday, it appeared that I saw the target, Norman Qingzhi.”

Ning Kun set up the gun, after that meticulously inspected each bullet as well as claimed, “What’s so odd about this. Li Miao originally arranged you to his change intentionally, to make sure that it is more convenient for you to follow. He touched.”

Hearing this, Ethan responded silently and after that said: “But I don’t recognize why, I constantly feel a little anxious in my heart, I can not tell where it came from.”

After both of Ting were silent for some time, Ning Kun constructed the handgun, then tossed it to Ethan and chuckled: “Regardless of where your uneasiness comes from, there is only this I can do. Then I will hand it in. Let me reveal you!”

Ethan checked out the weapon in his hand, placed it on his waistline after a moment of silence, and slowly went out of the resort, walking in the direction of Han San that had actually been waiting on a long period of time.

” How regarding it, sir, let me take you to institution today, do you need to get in the induction gift I offered you?”

After thinking about hearing this, he was silent for a while and stated, “There really is such a thing. There are people in Hedong who in fact open an insurance provider. Do not they worry about personal bankruptcy!”

Ning Kun laughed noisally at Ethan’s stunned expression, after that indicated the number on it and also stated, “Hahaha, do not think of it, this is simply my hand drawn!”

Seeing Han Sanyi’s smug look, Ethan shook his head helplessly, after that came under silence.

Awaiting Ethan to get to the school gate, Han San looked at Ethan with a smile and whispered: “Do not be kidding, come out safely, right here for the students to head to school, on a daily basis you are a challenge.”

Ethan got out of the vehicle and strolled with his back to Han San, swing his hands and also stating, “Don’t stress, I think this challenge will not last long!”

The arrival of Ethan the other day has currently attracted the focus of some individuals, and also presently the face of Ethan is returning.

Combined with Norman Qingzhi, who ran across Ethan the other day, lots of people can not assist guessing that Ethan is the new physical education teacher in their college!

Certainly, when Ethan walked right into Norman Qingzhi’s course, numerous students were making sounds, and Ethan didn’t focus on it in any way!

It was an early morning course, the noise was so loud that Ethan could not assist but really feel the impulse to strike someone!

” Do not quarrel with me! Tell me regarding you, one by one, just like the residential ducks, they are so noisy all day long.”

It appeared that Ethan’s words offended them. For a while, all the pupils in the classroom quit what they were doing, and then took a look at Ethan with chilly eyes!

Just when they were about to rush as much as educate Ethan drastically, a gunshot sounded. Lots of students understood what this suggested, so they took a seat rapidly as well as checked out Ethan upright, as if absolutely nothing took place recently. The same happened!

” Do you understand what it means to respect the educator and respect the Tao? Do you know what it suggests to be discipline in class! If you don’t comprehend anything, what books do you still review!”

Sitting in the corner, Norman Qingzhi responded slightly after enjoying Ethan pay attention carefully.

A little child resting alongside him claimed, “Hey, Qingzhi, look at this brand-new educator, it seems a bit different, why do not we discover a chance to cleanse him up later?”

Norman Qingzhi eyed the child and smiled disdainfully: “Go, you go, I’m not that boring, as well as I do not have time to do such worthless things.”

Hearing Norman Qingzhi’s solution, the boy shrugged. He really did not appear to be mad, yet he trembled his head with remorse and sighed.

” Show me the chalkboard, now let me introduce it to every person!”

After stating this, Ethan grabbed an item of chalk, reversed as well as created his name on the blackboard, and after that took a look at the trainees before him.

” My name is Ethan. You can call me Teacher Jiang in the future. Naturally, I do not mind if you call me Employer Jiang. In fact, I can still cover it!”

It appears that due to Ethan’s even more down-to-earth sentence in Hedong, he unexpectedly became a little of giggling in class.

Ethan checked out the students listed below, smiled a little, and afterwards secured a whistle and also shouted: “Currently allow’s begin the first physical education class, let’s go, take you out for a stroll!”

In the whole course, the mighty forty or fifty people heard this, as well as rushed out like wild steeds.

Even the ladies became a little thrilled when they heard that they were taking athletics courses. It appeared that despite how old students were, they really did not like the sensation of sitting in the class.

Ethan gradually complied with behind them and also considered every person with a smile. He really did not know if it was an impression. When he checked out them, Ethan felt that he was also a whole lot younger!

Such a big movement naturally triggered frustration to name a few classes, so some educators walked out to take a look at Xiang Ethan. They saw that they were the new physical education teacher, and Ethan’s smile was bright.

The thought of cursing individuals was reduced, and also the corner of his mouth bulged: “Mr. Jiang, are you providing trainees PE lessons?”

After Ethan looked at the educator and grinned slightly, he adhered to the pupils to the grass field.

” Come, inform me, why do individuals work out?”

A number of pupils were quite disdainful of Ethan’s issues. One pupil rested on the yard area slackly basking in the sunlight as well as checked out Ethan: “Because not exercising will make you weak and also overweight, your body’s resistance will certainly decrease, and a collection of troubles will occur.”

After claiming this, the trainee unceremoniously remained to grumble: “Please, it’s not a youngster, do not we know the truth regarding this.”

After hearing this, Ethan chuckled and nodded his head and stated, “That’s right, however the most essential point is that if you are weak, you will certainly be harassed and after that beaten, you recognize!”

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