Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1148

The atmosphere in the office turned tense. All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. Then, the head of the kindergarten entered, chuckling. He then greeted Lucian by saying, “Mr. Farwell, why didn’t you tell me that you were coming? I would have come to welcome you myself!”

The moment the head of the kindergarten received news of Lucian’s appearance, he rushed over to where Lucian was.

The daughter of the Farwell family was currently enrolled in their kindergarten. Therefore, he had to find a way to get Farwell Group to invest in their kindergarten no matter what.

That way, their kindergarten would rise in the social ranks of Horington. The head of the kindergarten came in preparation to curry favor with Lucian, so he was not expecting to be greeted by the confrontation the second he stepped into the office.

Almost immediately, he figured out that something must have happened to the Farwell family’s daughter. Upon realizing that, the head of the kindergarten’s smile froze. “What’s the matter? Did Pam do something wrong?”

The head of the kindergarten was swift to come back to his senses, and before Lucian could say anything, he turned and began berating Pamela, “What’s the matter with you? You only have that many kids in the class, but you still can’t take good care of them?”

Pamela’s heart took a dip, and she muttered, “Sir, Mr. Leishman’s child was crying. Their family has invested a large sum of money into our kindergarten, so how can I just ignore the kid? All I did was checked on that child for a brief moment. I never thought that the kids would bully her.”

The Leishman family was currently the largest investor in the kindergarten, and the head of the kindergarten had told her to keep a closer eye on the Leishmans’ son.

Hence, a stumped look appeared on the head of the kindergarten’s face. Then, he soon realized that even Austin Leishman himself had to bow to Lucian if he were here.

After weighing the situation, it went without saying that he had to prioritize Lucian over Austin.

“Mr. Farwell, I have a clearer picture of what is going on now. You’re right. This is our kindergarten’s responsibility,” the head of the kindergarten immediately apologized. “Don’t worry. I will definitely make the children who bullied Ms. Estella apologize to her. Also, I’ll assign two more teachers to Estella’s class: That way, Ms. Estella will surely get the best care.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Roxanne said with a frown. “I’ve already chided the children, and they’ve already apologized to Essie.”

Then, turning to Lucian, she stiffly uttered, “However, I’ll have to trouble you, Mr. Farwell, to not let the parents of those children come after me.” She had laid a finger on those children because she was an adult.

If their parents were to find out her true identity, they would certainly come after her. Roxanne did not wish to be in more trouble.

However, the head of the kindergarten understood it wrongly. He thought that Roxanne was dissatisfied with the way he dealt with the situation and was hinting to him to get those parents to apologize in person.

Hence, the head of the kindergarten hesitated. He did not know about Roxanne’s relationship with Estella, but the little girl was clearly reliant on Roxanne. Even though Lucian was there, the girl was still staying in her arms.

Therefore, the head of the kindergarten assumed that Roxanne was close to the Farwell family.

With that, the head of the kindergarten quickly said, “They definitely won’t be finding trouble with you. I’ll notify their parents right away and have them come here to apologize to Mr. Farwell and Ms. Estella in person!”

Roxanne tensed up as she realized that the head of the kindergarten must have mistaken her words. Subconsciously, she turned to Lucian, hoping that he would say something to clarify the situation.

The matter would be blown out of proportion if the parents came over. However, Lucian continued to look at the head of the kindergarten without any expression. He had no intention to reject the latter’s suggestion.

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