Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1149

Seemingly sensing Roxanne’s gaze, Lucian turned toward her. Roxanne was stupefied when their eyes met. It took her a few seconds to come back to her senses and signal Lucian to stop the head of the kindergarten.

“I don’t have much time. Tell them to hurry up.” It was as if he did not understand the look she gave him. What the he’l! The head of the kindergarten was quick to agree to it and promptly went to call the parents.

Once the other man was out, Roxanne turned to look at Lucian disapprovingly. “You don’t need to blow this out of proportion.”

Those kids might take out their anger on Essie after getting scolded by their parents. The lesson I taught them was more than enough.

Lucian’s eyes flitted toward the girl in Roxanne’s arms before anger seeped into those eyes. “Those parents could not educate their children well and let their kids bully Essie, so it is normal for them to have to pay the price for it. The consequences await them will only be more severe if they don’t apologize to us today.”

There was no way he was going to let those parents who allowed their children bully others off so easily. Roxanne parted her lips, but when she recalled that she was just an outsider, she closed her mouth again.

“What’s the matter? Ms. Jarvis, you’ve already bullied those children, but you’re unwilling to teach the adults a lesson?” Lucian questioned, shooting her a strange look.

Their eyes met for a brief second before Roxanne quickly lowered her gaze. “That isn’t what I mean. This is your family matter, Mr. Farwell. It’s best if you make the final decisions yourself.”

She had only bullied the children because she was enraged, after all. Lucian continued watching her grimly. Right as he was about to ask her why she was there, the head of the kindergarten suddenly came back. inside.

“I’ve notified the parents about the matter. They said they’ll rush over as quickly as they can. Please wait for them a little while, Mr. Farwell.”

With that, he curiously turned to Roxanne and cautiously asked, “She is…”

Roxanne instinctively turned to Lucian.

Yet, Lucian was looking at her, waiting for her to introduce herself. There was even a look in his eyes that Roxanne could not decipher.

Despite his silence, Roxanne managed to understand what he wanted to say to her. The man was asking her what identity she was. going to take up after claiming to be Estella’s mother earlier.

A long silence later, Roxanne squeezed out, “I am… Essie’s aunt.” Then, she lowered her head guiltily. If the head of the kindergarten were to confirm her identity with Lucian, she was unsure if Lucian would actually go along with her words.

Fortunately, the head of the kindergarten did not ask more questions-he only nodded at her before returning the focus of the conversation to Estella.

“Is Ms. Estella hurt? I’ll get the doctor on duty to take a look at her right now.”

At that, he took out his phone, about to make the call. Roxanne rejected him. “No need. I’ve already treated her wounds.”

Hearing that, the head of the kindergarten sighed in relief before thanking Roxanne profusely. Roxanne fell silent after that.

The head of the kindergarten wanted to begin buttering Lucian up, but when he noticed the other man’s gaze on Estella, he sheepishly clamped his mouth shut.

Pin-drop silence ensued in the office. After what seemed like forever, hurried footsteps sounded out in the corridor.

Then, a few women dressed to their nines entered the office in a haste. The moment they saw Lucian, they began offering their apologies.

“Ms. Farwell, I heard that my child has been insensible and injured Ms. Estella. I’m really. sorry. We didn’t educate our boy well enough. Please don’t worry. We’ll definitely give him a good round of scolding when we get home.”

“Where’s the boy? Get him here and have him apologize to Ms. Estella sincerely.”

In no time, only the words of apologies filled the air in the office.

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