Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1151

Estella stared intently at Roxanne for a very long time before she finally agreed to let go of the woman, though reluctantly. “Ms. Jarvis, you must pinkie swear with me that you will visit me in two days!”

Smiling, Roxanne extended her hand and pinkie swore with Estella. Lucian’s face darkened as he saw how Roxanne and Estella interacted with each other.

After Roxanne was done placating Estella, she stood up once again to leave. “I should go now.” With that, she fled the office without waiting for Lucian to respond.

Not only was she worried that Lucian would ask about the reason she showed up at the kindergarten, but she was also terrified of hearing his sarcastic remarks.

Lucian stared at Roxanne as she left the office. He furrowed his brows. “Daddy, are you angry with Ms. Jarvis again?” Estella asked anxiously as she observed the change in her father’s expression.

Estella’s voice brought Lucian back to the present moment. He leaned over and caressed Estella’s head. “I’m not angry with Ms. Jarvis, but I have something to attend to and have to go now. You be a good girl in school, okay?”

Estella held onto his sleeve. “Daddy, are you going to pick me up tonight?”

Lucian stayed silent for a while. Realizing Estella must have been frightened from the earlier incident, he then nodded and agreed. “Okay.”

Upon hearing Lucian’s words, Estella finally loosened her grip on her father and followed him out of the office. Lucian handed Estella over to Pamela before turning to leave.

After coming out from the kindergarten, Roxanne slowed down her pace. Her mind was in a tumult.

She had known that Lucian would marry Aubree sooner or later. However, she never expected that he would let Aubree take care of Estella this soon.

Based on what Pamela said, it seems that Aubree has a good relationship with her. Does this mean that Aubree’s attitude toward Essie has changed too? Perhaps Aubree will be a great mother in the future…

As Roxanne approached her car, she reached for the door handle. Just as she extended her arm, someone behind her unexpectedly grabbed her by the wrist.

Roxanne immediately froze. She could recognize to whom this hand belonged even though the person standing behind her did not speak a word. It was none other than Lucian. Is he here to warn me?

With that thought in mind, Roxanne took a deep breath and summoned up the courage to turn around. “Mr. Farwell, is there anything else you need?”

Lucian was in a rush when he left the kindergarten. With deep furrows in his brows, he scowled at Roxanne. This was the first time Roxanne had ever seen such an expression in his eyes. She felt nervous all of a sudden.

“I’m sorry I broke my promise. Archie and Benny were worried that Essie would be bullied by the other kids. That’s why I came to the kindergarten to check on her. It was all on their behalf…”

Roxanne offered an explanation right away without waiting for Lucian to interrogate her. Just as Roxanne was done speaking, Lucian tightened his grip on her wrist. Roxanne grimaced with pain. “Ms. Jarvis, are you laying the blame on the two kids again?”

Lucian continued to question Roxanne, “If it were the two of them who were worried about Essie, why didn’t they come here themselves? Please don’t use the excuse that they are only kids. They have been to my place on their own many times before this.”

Roxanne was dumbfounded upon being grilled by Lucian. After a long time, she added abruptly, “I was very worried too.”

With a sullen expression on his face, Lucian probed, “Is that all?”

Roxanne’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the tone of Lucian’s voice. She started to feel afraid of what he was going to say next.

“Since you are so worried about Essie, are you sure it’s enough for you to just take a look at her?” Lucian stared morosely at Roxanne.

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