Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1155

“I’ll be picking Essie up this evening. Go back to your meeting,” Lucian said to Aubree in a frosty tone. The woman dared not say anything else.

After all, it had been hard for her to get him to give her another chance, and she did not want to mess things up again. Only after watching Lucian leave did Aubree plod back into her car.

However, she did not drive toward Pearson Group. The meeting she mentioned earlier was only a lie to make Lucian think that Estella was important to her.

The Pearsons had come to one tacit conclusion -Aubree’s most important task was to get Lucian to marry her as soon as possible.

Hence, her father had been taking care of everything in Pearson Group while she only went there once in a while. Most of her time was spent thinking of ways to get in Lucian’s good graces.

Just as her hard work was finally coming to fruition, Roxanne’s few sentences destroyed all the time and effort she had poured into the matter.

Enraged, Aubree wished she could skin Roxanne alive. Alas, Lucian was present then, so she had no choice but to suppress her fury.

It did not help that he had given her such a stern warning that only served to fan the flames of anger in her heart. I have to teach that b*tch a lesson!

Presuming that Roxanne should be at the research institute at that moment, Aubree headed straight for that place.

Roxanne was mentally and physically exhausted after leaving Estella’s kindergarten. Initially, she planned to check on the little girl before returning to the research institute to continue her work.

However, she no longer had any energy to spare. Roxanne did not know whether it was because Aubree’s earlier words had upset her, but she found herself in a daze, unsure where to go.

As such, she ended up driving aimlessly around. the city until the sky darkened, and it was time to pick Archie and Benny up. Only then did she finally head toward their kindergarten. The moment she arrived, the boys were done with their classes.

They were already rushing toward her in excitement before she could even get out of the car. At that sight, Roxanne stayed in the car and unlocked the car doors for them. Once they got in, she took their bags from them.

Seeing the expectant looks on the boys’ faces made her heart sink. She knew they were that excited because they were aware that she went to visit Estella that day-they wanted to know how the little girl was doing.

If Estella were doing well, she would not hesitate to tell them about it. Unfortunately, what she had seen was the scenario the boys dreaded the most.

Roxanne did not know how to break it to them. “Mommy, how’s Essie?” Benny asked when he heard nothing from her. She lowered her gaze as a wave of resignation washed over her.

“Essie’s… doing okay. Her teacher takes very good care of her.”

That was the only thing Roxanne could think of to say to them. Technically, it was not a lie. The teacher in Estella’s class was sure to focus more on the little girl after that incident.

Regardless of whether or not Estella would get on well with her classmates, she would never be bullied anymore. Finding their mother’s response strange, the boys worriedly asked, “Then did Essie see you?”

Roxanne nodded stiffly. “Then, Mommy, did you tell her that we miss her a lot too?” Benny queried in his adorable voice. Roxanne kept her eyes focused on the road, not daring to meet the boys’ innocent gazes. “I did.”

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