Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1233

After a while, Lucian shifted his icy look away from Colby, to which the latter responded with a calm sigh of relief. Then, Colby reflexively stepped away and allowed Lucian to take his seat while he stood at the side.

Both of them then watched yesterday’s surveillance footage, starting with the experiment Roxanne was performing with Jack. In the footage, they saw Roxanne joking around with Jack.

Colby was also in the footage, but he was a few steps behind Roxanne and Jack with an expression completely different from theirs.

Overall, it seemed as though Colby was the only one focusing on the experiment while the other two were not involved in any work. Lucian always thought Roxanne was way too intimate with Jack.

However, it was the first time he saw the two of them interacting with each other without his presence. They don’t look like business partners at all! It’s completely different from how Roxanne describes their relationship.

The longer he watched the footage, the colder his expression became. Even the surrounding temperature was dropping.

He was further enraged when he saw Jack and Roxanne only needed to exchange a glance to know what each other was doing. When did the two of them start having this tacit agreement in whatever they do? If someone who doesn’t know the true nature of their relationship sees this, they’ll think they’re a couple!

His fury reached its peak after he saw Jack attempting to wipe Roxanne’s sweat away with tissue paper.

On the side, Colby was confident if Roxanne hadn’t dodged Jack’s attempt, Lucian would’ve probably smashed the screen into pieces. As he continued watching the footage, he grew tenser.

Even though he had ensured his doctored surveillance footage was flawless, he was still worried because Lucian was the one inspecting the footage with him.

Lucian’s presence alone gave him a lot of pressure. When the screen displayed the footage he modified, it took him everything he got to remain composed. Carefully, Colby observed Lucian’s expression.

Lucian merely furrowed his eyebrows. It was difficult for anyone to tell what he felt from his expressionless countenance, but that didn’t stop Colby from getting cold feet.

It wasn’t until the surveillance footage showed Jack carrying Roxanne out of the laboratory that Lucian suddenly moved. Fear flashed past Colby’s eyes.

In response, he bit his lower lip hard, so much so that he could taste blood in his mouth, to steady his nerves. “Replay that section of the footage again,” Lucian ordered imposingly as he glanced at him.

Colby shuddered slightly in response and did as Lucian asked. It was the part right after the poison gas leaked into the room, and the laboratory was thrown into chaos. Holding his breath, Colby blinked as he watched the footage again. From his perspective, he didn’t see anything odd..

However, he was concerned Lucian had discovered something was out of place. Why would Lucian ask him to roll back the footage. otherwise?

Therefore, he steeled himself and asked, “Did you see anything odd in the footage, Mr. Farwell?” The look in Lucian’s eyes remained grim as he watched that section of the footage until the last second.

There’s nothing odd, which is precisely the problem. Aside from Jack, Roxanne, and Colby, no one else approached the lab table. In that case, the only suspects are Jack and Colby, yet they didn’t act suspiciously in the footage at all!

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