Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1241

“Aubree!” Frieda only came back to her senses after Aubree left in a huff. A loud slam sounded downstairs. Frieda hurried over to the balcony to see Aubree marching into her car and driving away swiftly. The sight caused Frieda to ball up her fists in frustration.

I came here today to convince Aubree not to act recklessly! Instead of achieving that, I have actually given her the idea of settling scores with Roxanne. If she heads there alone, she’ll surely cause a commotion!

Frieda quickly ran down the stairs and went after Aubree’s car, which was heading for Roxanne’s house. On the other hand, Roxanne and the children had no idea about what happened back in Aubree’s house.

Roxanne was preparing lunch for the children in the kitchen. “Mommy, will Mr. Farwell have lunch with us today?” Benny asked eagerly at the door of the kitchen.

The children noticed Lucian’s dedication as he showed up every day, but they still felt uncertain. Hearing that, Roxanne paused in her tracks. She belatedly became aware that Lucian and the children had grown close recently.

They were so close that the kids assumed that it was normal for Lucian to have dinner there. “Can you ask Mr. Farwell to bring me a small cake?” Benny changed his question.

Roxanne regained her composure and flashed a smile. “I don’t know. You can call Mr. Farwell and ask him about it.”

Benny’s eyes lit up. He ran away excitedly and got his smartwatch to call Lucian. Archie and Estella waited aside eagerly. Before Benny could find Lucian’s phone number, the doorbell rang.

Lucian was the only visitor recently, so the kids didn’t think much and assumed he arrived ahead of time. “Mr. Farwell!” Benny placed his smartwatch down, and the kids ran to the door to open it.

When the door opened, the kids’ smiles froze on their faces. Aubree looked down and swept her gaze over the kids. She went cold with fury upon noticing Estella standing behind Archie and Benny. “Essie, come home with me.”

She extended her hand with a forced smile, giving Estella an opportunity before she lost it. A chill ran down Estella’s spine when she noticed Aubree’s expression. The young girl recoiled in fear, hiding behind Archie and Benny.

Aubree’s hand paused mid-air, and her expression turned grim. A long while later, she retracted her hand and glared at the kids. “Where is Roxanne?”

The kids stared at her warily. “Mommy isn’t at home. Don’t come here anymore.” They stepped back, ready to close the door. Realizing their intention, Aubree pushed the door open forcefully and strode into the house.

The kids wanted to stop her, but they were too powerless to do so, and could only watch as she strode into the living room. “Roxanne, you b*tch. Come out now!” Aubree screeched loudly.

Aubree did a thorough scan of the living room, but when she discovered that there was no one else present, she proceeded toward the rooms in search of Roxanne.

In the kitchen, Roxanne heard the commotion outside. Her heart sank as she walked out of the kitchen to see what happened. Once she came outside, she saw the kids standing in a circle around a furious Aubree, who was obviously here to cause a ruckus.

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