Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1244

“You ask for it!” Aubree snapped back to her senses and lunged at Roxanne. Roxanne firmly grasped an acupuncture point on Aubree’s arm, causing the latter to experience discomfort and become feeble.

“I’m not only going to slap you. I also want to remind you that you’re the real homewrecker!”

Roxanne inched nearer to Aubree. In a voice that only the both of them could hear, she whispered, “You merely got engaged to Lucian, but I was his wife back then. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have gotten divorced!”

That was the first time Aubree heard of that. Cold sweat beaded on her forehead as she gritted her teeth against the pain. “That’s because Lucian loves me! He wouldn’t have married you if it weren’t for his grandpa!”

Roxanne’s eyelashes quivered. Her heart. started wavering, but she quickly tamped her emotions down. Aubree’s actions are too outrageous. I need to solve the problem!

With that thought in mind, Roxanne spoke with a chill in her voice. “Regardless, we were married. If you hate homewreckers, then you should have kept your distance from him instead of becoming one yourself!”

Aubree paled visibly. “You’re being unreasonable!” “You know well if I’m being unreasonable or not.”

Roxanne applied pressure to an acupuncture point on Aubree’s arm. After making sure that Aubree was too weak to resist, she pushed her away.

Aubree sucked in a deep breath as it felt like. her arm was going numb from the pain. However, she mustered her courage to avenge herself as she could not tolerate the insults she had previously earlier.

Right when she pounced on Roxanne with the latter retaliating by applying pressure to her acupuncture point, a commotion sounded at the door of the mansion.

“Aubree!” Frieda had finally arrived. She hurried into the mansion and saw the chaotic scene. Without hesitation, she shoved Roxanne away. “Are you crazy? Can’t you have a civil discussion?”

Roxanne had applied pressure to acupuncture points on both Aubree’s arms, causing her so much pain that she could barely stand. Frieda had to step in to help her, steadying her so she wouldn’t fall.

“You’re crazy!” Aubree shot Roxanne a vicious glare. She turned to Frieda and complained, “She’s nuts!”

Frieda was both flustered and livid with rage. upon seeing Aubree in distress. She growled, “Don’t you realize that Aubree is Lucian’s fiancée? How could you do this to her? Don’t you fear the consequences of Lucian taking action against you?”

Roxanne had two needles in her hand, and no one knew when or where she got them from. Her eyes were blocks of ice as she declared, “She was the one who kicked up a fuss first. If Lucian wants to take action against me, he’s welcome to do so. However…”

She brandished the needles and stalked closer to Aubree. Frieda’s heart pounded as she felt fear grip her throat when she saw the look on Roxanne’s face. She held Aubree tightly and backed away, her movements slow and cautious.

After taking two steps back, she thought she looked like a coward and forced herself to come to a stop. “What do you want to do?”

Roxanne glanced at her needles and replied calmly, “What else can I do? I’m sure you know the answer. Ms. Pearson needs to be taught at lesson, and I’m not going to let you off the hook. You’re going to ask Lucian to take action against me, so why should I let you go so easily?”

A menacing look flashed across her face. “Archie, Benny, take Essie upstairs.” The children had no idea what she wanted to do, but it was obvious she wasn’t getting bullied anymore. They agreed obediently and led Estella upstairs. They were still climbing the stairs when an anguished scream sounded behind them.

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