Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1246

The two of them lowered their heads and clenched their teeth as they continued walking outside while trying their best to ignore the judgmental gazes.

Suddenly, the sound of car brakes screeching to a halt pierced their ears before a car stopped in front of them. The next moment, they heard the slam of a car door.

Frieda and Aubree looked up cautiously and saw Jonathan standing before them, his face contorted with rage. “What did the two of you do? Why are you in such a mess?”

Jonathan noticed the miserable state the women were in as he sized them up and swept his gaze across the nosy passersby who were whispering among themselves.

Intimidated by the man’s threatening aura, the crowd dispersed at once. Jonathan frowned and looked at the two women in confusion. “Did you two find fault with Dr. Jarvis?”

Ever since that day when he saw his sister with Aubree at the hospital, Jonathan had been worrying that she might do something foolish and had gotten someone to keep an eye on her.

Over the past few days, even though Frieda had. been visiting Aubree rather frequently, they did not seem to be up to anything. As such, Jonathan chose to turn a blind eye.

However, earlier that afternoon, his subordinate suddenly called to tell him that Frieda and Aubree went to Roxanne’s house. Jonathan had a bad feeling in his heart when he received the news. Hence, he quickly ended his meeting and headed to the mansion.

However, he was still one step too late! Frieda’s arm was still hurting as she met her brother’s eyes. Feeling frustrated and aggrieved, she said, “We just wanted to tell her not to bother Lucian again. What’s wrong with that? After all, Lucian and Aubree are engaged to each other!”

Filled with embarrassment, Aubree glanced at Jonathan for a brief second before gritting her teeth and looking away. She clearly remembered that Jonathan had always been on Roxanne’s side.

He must be secretly gloating after seeing the pathetic state I’m in!

Jonathan could hardly believe that Frieda had the audacity to talk back to him. Almost choking on his rage, he yelled, “Shut up! This is Lucian’s family matter. What has it got to do with you? What did the two of you do to Dr. Jarvis? Out with it!”

Frieda was trembling with fury when she heard that. “Dr. Jarvis, Dr. Jarvis! All you care about is Dr. Jarvis! Can’t you see that Aubree and I are both injured? You asked me not to get involved with it, but you are the one who seemed to be deeply involved.

Since it is Lucian’s family affairs, why are you doing so much? Anyone who didn’t know better would think that you’re in love with Roxanne!” Simmering with anger, Jonathan raised his hand. “Are you going to hit me as well?”

Tears of anger welled up in Frieda’s eyes as she said, “Just kill me! Otherwise, I will do anything I can to stop Lucian and Roxanne from being together!

Jonathan’s hand shook slightly in midair when he noticed his sister’s bloodshot eyes. In the end, he retracted his hand and was about to speak when Aubree suddenly collapsed against Frieda.

“Aubree!” Frieda got a shock. She wanted to hold the woman, but as her arm was aching badly, she could only look toward her brother. The man hesitated for a second before extending his arm and supporting Aubree.

“It’s all your fault! Why did you have to say all those things when Aubree was already feeling. terrible because of Roxanne?” In a fit of anger, Frieda pushed all the blame onto Jonathan.

“Keep quiet!” Jonathan could not be bothered to continue arguing with his sister. “Get into the car. I’ll send both of you to the hospital. Don’t let me catch you harassing Dr. Jarvis again!”

After saying that, he put Aubree in his car while Frieda let out a cold snort before getting into the car with a gloomy look on her face.

Both Jonathan and Frieda were preoccupied with their own thoughts, and neither of them noticed the slight change in Aubree’s expression.

Aubree was in a terrible mood from what happened earlier, and her shoulder was hurting. badly. As such, she was sick of hearing the argument between the siblings and pretended to faint. She was glad that she had managed to shut them up using that tactic.

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