Mission To Remarry Chapter 1147

Pamela had not been paying attention to Estella, and she dared not tell any lies in the face of Lucian’s gaze. Thus, half-way through her speech, she turned to cast a pleading look at Roxanne…

Roxanne had planned to talk to Lucian about it anyway, so when her eyes met with Pamela’s, she continued where Pamela trailed off.

“The kids crowded around Essie and said something to her. They even stepped on Essie’s hand. Essie resisted, but they pushed her down again. I only intervened when I couldn’t bear to watch it anymore.”

Roxanne could somewhat guess what the children had said to Estella, but she did not want to rub salt into the girl’s wound. As Roxanne gave Lucian the explanation, Lucian’s expression turned colder.

At the same time, the more Roxanne said, the angrier she became. She questioned, “The intense way the kids bullied Essie means that this has been going on for more than a day or two. Do you really not know anything about this, Mr. Farwell?”

Why did he put Essie in a school like this? Is it because he has decided to get together with Aubree and is planning to have another child with her? Is that why he’s neglecting her?

The thought of that possibility made Roxanne’s heart sink, and in her heartache, she tightened her grip around Estella. Lucian did not speak, but he strode toward her.

Instinctively, Roxanne wanted to move backward, but the couch was right behind her, and she could not do that. In no time, Lucian was right in front of her. Roxanne tensed.

Right as she was about to question him as to what he was trying to do, Lucian reached out to hold Estella’s injured hand.

After checking Estella’s injury, Lucian turned around and fixed his gaze on Pamela again. “Is this how your kindergarten looks after the children?”

Pamela’s heart lurched. She had always thought that Estella was not the kind of child to cause trouble, so she never put too much attention to her.

She did not expect other children to still be so hostile toward Estella despite her having done nothing to them. Now, trouble had come, and Lucian had found out about it. Pamela could not even summon the courage to defend herself.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Farwell. This is an oversight on my pa-” Before she could finish her sentence, Lucian interrupted her.

“The conflict between Essie and the kids isn’t something that happened recently, but you’ve only found out about it today. If the kindergarten can’t even handle the troubles in the children’s relationships, I don’t see the point in letting my daughter stay here any longer!”

At that, Pamela panicked. “Mr. Farwell, this is genuinely an oversight on my part. I’ll take note of this in the future. Please don’t put me in a tight spot like this.”

Then, she gave Roxanne another pleading look. Even though Roxanne was upset about Pamela’s negligence, she found Lucian’s words absurd.

“Mr. Farwell, don’t you think you should do some self-reflection when you blame the teacher for this? I refuse to believe that Essie acted perfectly normal at home these few days. Did you not notice anything amiss about her at all?” she refuted.

Pamela never thought that Roxanne would dare to speak to Lucian in a tone like that, so she was astounded.

She then belated realized that she was no longer in the spotlight. At that, she let out a relieved sigh under her breath before trying her best to keep a low profile.

Indeed, Lucian’s attention was caught by Roxanne’s words. Yet, there was no explanation he could offer.

Aubree had been the one sending and picking Estella up from the kindergarten lately. In short, he barely came into contact with the teachers.

While he did notice Estella’s low mood, he thought it was merely because she did not like the new kindergarten. Never in his wildest dream did he expect something like this to happen.

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