Mission To Remarry Chapter 1150

“Go back and teach your kids to behave.” After what seemed like an eternity, Lucian finally uttered, “I believe kids are not born spiteful. If this happens again, I will take that to mean everyone here holds a grudge against Farwell Group.”

Although Lucian sounded understanding, his words carried an undertone of threat. Everyone agreed unhesitatingly with Lucian.

However, as Lucian remained silent, no one dared to leave. Roxanne spoke suddenly. “Essie is fine now. If there’s nothing else, I’m heading back.”

After she was done speaking, Roxanne wanted to return Estella to Lucian and was prepared to leave. Nonetheless, Estella held onto Roxanne tightly and refused to let go of her.

Estella had not seen Roxanne for quite some time, so it was understandable why she was reluctant to leave the woman.

Moreover, Estella had spent a great deal of effort in order to bring about the meeting. between her father and Roxanne. She definitely. would not let the latter go this easily.


Roxanne felt awkward with Estella holding tightly onto her as the other parents stared at her curiously. Refusing to let go of Roxanne, Estella said stubbornly, “No! I don’t want Daddy!”

Upon hearing Estella’s words, everyone exchanged looks.

“Ahem…” Someone realized the awkwardness of the situation and found an excuse to leave the scene. “Mr. Farwell, I will educate my child properly when I return home. I still have at meeting to attend, so I have to get back to work now.”

Lucian responded with an indifferent hum. Upon seeing this, the rest of the crowd followed suit and left the office. Everybody heaved a sigh of relief when they were out of the office.

They did not know how Roxanne was related to the Farwell family, but judging from the situation earlier, Estella had made Lucian look. bad.

If it were another family in such a situation, perhaps they would have stayed to find out what was going on.

However, when it came to Lucian, nobody dared to do so. The office became empty all of a sudden. Roxanne felt something was different but continued to pacify Estella without looking at Lucian.

“Essie, be a good girl. I have to get back to work. You should go to your daddy.”

Estella shook her head forcefully. Lucian felt bitter upon seeing that Roxanne was trying to avoid him again.

It was she who said Essie is none of her business anymore. Yet, she was the one who showed up at Essie’s kindergarten.

She was the one who went back on her own words, but now she’s acting as though I forced her to do so. With these thoughts on his mind, Lucian said icily, “Essie, come here. Don’t stay in the way of Ms. Jarvis’ work.”

Estella turned a deaf ear to Lucian’s words. She pitifully tugged at Roxanne’s arm and held up her injured hand. “It hurts!”

Roxanne’s heart ached when she looked at the red marks on Estella’s hand, but she really had no idea how to face Lucian if she stayed.

After a short while, Roxanne gently blew some air onto Estella’s injured hand. “All right, I have blown away all the pain now. It won’t hurt anymore.”

Seeing that Estella was still reluctant to let go of her, Roxanne softened her tone further. “I really have to get back to work, Essie. You be a good girl in school, and I will visit you in two days’ time, okay?”

After speaking to Estella, Roxanne glanced sheepishly at Lucian. This time around, she had shown up without informing him. She wondered if Lucian would sternly refuse to let her visit again.

Thankfully, Lucian seemed to understand the purpose behind her words and remained silent. Estella looked skeptical. “You won’t come back if you leave!”

Roxanne patted Estella’s head and said, “I will come back. Didn’t I come here on my own accord this time around? I’m worried about you, so I’ll visit you again in two days.”

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