Mission To Remarry Chapter 1154

Roxanne gave cold looks to the two people in front of her. When Aubree met Roxanne’s eyes, a strange sensation struck her, and she subconsciously clamped her mouth shut. Lucian, on the other hand, scowled and looked at Roxanne gloomily.

A long while later, Roxanne curled her lips self- deprecatingly. “Don’t worry, Ms. Pearson. I get your point. I’ll stay away from Essie from now on, but I hope you’ll be able to take good care of Essie and not let something like this happen again.”

Right after she made those utterances, she went into the car without giving them a chance to respond to her.

Lucian drew his brows tightly together as he watched her leave. Though he wished she would not take off so unhesitatingly, he could not bring himself to say anything to make her stay when he thought about the look she had: on her face earlier.

Meanwhile, Aubree did not expect Roxanne to point out her fault in front of Lucian before leaving. Her countenance slowly stiffened as she watched Roxanne’s car disappear from her line of sight. Then, she carefully turned to look at the man beside her. “Lucian…”

Lucian was upset, so he was visibly impatient when he spoke to her. “What else do you want to say? You were the one in charge of sending Essie to and from her school these days. Did her teacher not tell you anything about Essie’s situation in school?”

Overwhelmed with guilt, Aubree lowered her gaze. Ms. Yaxley did tell me that Essie seemed down recently, but I didn’t put it to heart because I thought that was how Essie usually behaved. It never hit me that an incident like this would happen.

“If not for Roxanne finding out about it in time, what do you think would have happened to Essie this time?” Lucian questioned coldly.

Aubree hastily tried to shrink from the blame. “Lucian, I really didn’t know about these matters. You are well aware of Essie’s condition. She’s never quite excited. Moreover, something like that happened on her first day. of kindergarten. When Ms. Yaxley told me. about it, she only said that Essie wasn’t enthusiastic in class, so I thought…”

In other words, she was blaming Pamela for not looking more into Estella’s situation. That innuendo of hers did not go unnoticed by Lucian, whose expression darkened instantly. “When were you planning to tell me about this if I hadn’t asked?”

His sharp words had Aubree stumped for words. After a moment of silence, she tentatively uttered, “I shouldn’t have neglected this; I should’ve told you about it right away.”

Then, she quickly added, “Lucian, I really care about Essie. I was in a meeting earlier, but once I received Ms. Yaxley’s message, I hurried over without wrapping up the meeting-

Before she could finish her sentence, Lucian cut her off in annoyance. “If Essie is disturbing you from your work at Pearson Group, I’d say it’s best that I stop troubling you with Essie’s matters from now on.”

Aubree froze. Lucian was willing to continue with the engagement on one condition, and that was to get Estella to accept her. However, if he refused to let her get involved. with Estella anymore, she would have no means to make the little girl accept her..

In that case, her engagement with him would. be broken off. “Lucian, please give me one more chance! I won’t let something like this happen again!” Aubree pleaded, reaching out to grab Lucian’s arm.

However, he avoided her hands and uttered, “If this happens again, I’ll announce to the public that the engagement between us has been called off.”

Aubree’s heart sank when those words entered her ears. Nevertheless, she soon realized that Lucian was actually giving her another chance. With that thought in mind, she let out a sigh of relief and nodded fervently.

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