Mission To Remarry Chapter 1231

A few moments later, Roxanne organized her thoughts and explained, “It’s just standard. procedure for acupuncture. If he wants to perform it on me, he can’t do it with my clothes on.”

Upon hearing that, Lucian furrowed his eyebrows slightly as a look of dissatisfaction flashed past his eyes. Now that I think about it, Jack did need to remove her clothes to perform acupuncture on her. Still, it was disturbing!

His jealous expression amused her. “Setting that aside, Jack’s behavior is still very suspicious,” Lucian concluded stubbornly. That rendered Roxanne speechless.

While she didn’t want to believe Jack was acting maliciously, she had to admit that, from an objective point of view, he was pretty suspicious.

Lucian frowned at her and informed her coldly, “I plan to investigate this matter in the afternoon. Will you join me?”

Nodding, Roxanne was about to accept his invitation when the children pounced into her embrace. Thus, instead of replying to him, she stared at the children, puzzled.

“Mommy!” Benny peered at his mother caringly “Are you going out in the afternoon?”

The children overheard the adults’ conversation because they had been somewhat intentionally playing around the two. When they heard Lucian was about to investigate his love rival, they were enthused to lend a helping hand.

Roxanne smiled at them. “I may need to visit the research institute later. Is it okay if you three are alone at home in the afternoon?”

The moment she ended her sentence, Benny shook his head. Perplexed, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

He grabbed her hand. “You’ve just recovered, Mommy. Even though you’re not in the hospital right now, you should still rest at home for a couple of days.”

Then he glanced at his brother. In response, Archie added, “We were really scared when we saw you like that yesterday! Mommy, please, we don’t want to witness that again!”

Estella nodded vigorously. “You need to rest. properly, Ms. Jarvis. I… As she inadvertently recalled Roxanne’s comatose state yesterday, her eyes reddened. “I don’t want you to get sick anymore, Ms. Jarvis!”

Roxanne’s heart ached when she saw the children’s anxious countenances.

“Since the children are so worried about you, you should rest at home for a few days,” Lucian spoke up. “I have said it before, but my goal isn’t to prove Jack did something bad. I merely want to catch the perpetrator who hurt you. You can just relax.”

She didn’t expect he would say something like that in front of the children and blushed. Then, she reflexively turned to them to see their reaction.

Thoughtfully, the children pretended not to hear anything.

Upon seeing their lack of unusual reaction, Roxanne sighed in her mind. “In that case, I’ll tell Dr. Galloway to grant you entry into the research institute in the afternoon.”

Lucian nodded. Since it was already noon, she asked him to stay for lunch. Once lunch was over, he left. Estella stared at her father with hope. “Can I stay, Daddy?”

When he turned to face her, he saw her grabbing onto the hem of Roxanne’s shirt tightly. It was apparent the girl was unwilling to part with Roxanne so soon after what happened yesterday.

Hence, he furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Ask Ms. Jarvis. If she’s willing to let you stay, you can.”

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