Mission To Remarry Chapter 1236

Upon obtaining the answer he desired, Lucian raised his eyebrow, “I shall graciously accept your invitation, then.” When Roxanne heard that, she still felt a little awkward, even though she was the one who asked him to join her for dinner.

It was a rare harmonious moment between them. To her surprise, Lucian proceeded to ask, “Do you need any help?”

That rendered Roxanne speechless for a few seconds. After snapping back to reality, she shook her head awkwardly. “No need. You can help me watch over the children instead.”

A hint of disappointment was visible on his face, though he still nodded in agreement.

She thought he would enter the living room to do that, but he just leaned against the kitchen entrance and gazed at her. His action confused her.

Upon noticing her confusion, Lucian explained, “I can watch them from here. Besides, you’re eager to learn the results of my investigation, no? I can reveal a little bit to you first while you prepare dinner.”

Despite still feeling uncomfortable, Roxanne quietly returned to preparing dinner because she was interested in the investigation.

As he watched her busy about, he slowly. recalled what she was like six years ago. She was like that in the past, working in the kitchen countless times to prepare my meals. However, I never cherished her effort. It makes me feel guilty now that I’m thinking back on it, but it also strengthens my determination to get back with her!

The children waited for the adults for a long while in the living room before they approached the kitchen with curiosity.

“Daddy?” “Mommy?” they uttered in unison on their way to their destination. Then, when they saw the scene in the room, they kept quiet so as not to disturb their parents.

It was as if they were staring at a painting of Lucian, strapping as always, and Roxanne, busying in the kitchen..

In response, Archie shushed his siblings before they all sneaked back into the living room. Upon hearing the children’s movements, Lucian glanced behind him.

He grinned when he saw them before shifting his attention back to Roxanne. However, because he was gazing at her, Roxanne felt slightly tense and moved much slower than usual.

Hence, dinner took a little longer to be ready. Just as she was about to serve a dish, Lucian abruptly did it for her.

Roxanne froze for a few moments as complicated emotions swelled in her heart. If Lucian had treated me like this even once six years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t have left… Well, it’s too late to think about that now.

“What’s the matter?” he questioned with a frown after he set a dish down on the dining table, returned to the kitchen to grab another, and saw Roxanne rooted to the spot.

His voice pulled her out of her thoughts. Then, she suppressed her emotions and grinned at him as though nothing had happened. “It’s nothing. I was just wondering about the results of your investigation.”

Lucian noticed something was off with her tone. “Are you feeling unwell?”

Roxanne’s eyelashes trembled as she nodded vaguely. “Maybe I’m feeling a little dizzy after sleeping too long yesterday. I’ll be fine after I adjust my routine.” Then she returned to making dinner rather hastily.

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