Mission To Remarry Chapter 1237

Sensing that she was out of sorts, Lucian felt like probing further. However, he swallowed his words at the last moment when he thought of their previous interaction.

Even when the table had been set up, neither of them said a word. As for the three children, who were already seated at the table, the sight of their parents busying themselves brought glee to their faces.

The delight they exuded gradually softened Roxanne’s heart.

Even though Roxanne had calmed down after dinner, the results of the investigations from the afternoon were still on her mind. “Mr. Farwell, are you ready to talk about it?”

Filled with curiosity, the children inquired with their childish voices, “Talk about what?” Roxanne flashed a smile at them. “It relates to the research institute and has nothing to do with you. Go out and play now.”

In response, the children looked toward Lucian for verification. The latter affirmed in a serious tone, “Go on now.” Only then did they slowly make their way out of the mansion.

Both of them settled down on the couch with coffee by their respective sides. “How is the investigation coming along? Is there any progress?” With her brows slightly

knitted, Roxanne was filled with concern. “Is it related to Mr. Damaris…”

Refusing to believe that Jack was capable of something like that, she was anxious for an answer. However, her mention of Jack caused Lucian’s eyes to narrow.

He still couldn’t shake the scene from the surveillance cameras of her happily chatting with Jack. Even now, she’s still worried about him.

Lucian felt an uncontrollable fit of rage welling up inside him. However, the thought of her busy silhouette in the kitchen earlier helped him suppress his anger with remorse.

After a slight pause, Lucian began to speak. “As of now, there’s no concrete evidence of any kind that points to Jack.”

Even though his words triggered a sigh of relief from Roxanne, he continued speaking before she could declare that Jack wasn’t involved. “That itself makes him more of a suspect.”

Roxanne knitted her brows in shock. “What makes you say that?” When Lucian sensed how protective she was over Jack, his tone took a turn. “I’ve checked the surveillance feeds but didn’t find anything. incriminating in them.

However, Jack is the one who has spent the most time in the lab other than you. A few minutes before the incident, he went out to take a call. Wasn’t it too much of a coincidence?”

Furthermore, his suspicions were intensified by the deep understanding Jack had on poisons. Thinking back to what happened the previous day, Roxanne began to waver.

Although it was true that Jack coincidentally left the lab then, she still couldn’t accept casting suspicion upon the very person who had invited her to join the project.

Moreover, she felt that Lucian was being. influenced by his personal emotions in making the accusation.

Holding that thought, Roxanne sighed under her breath. “If you’re accusing Mr. Damaris without any corroborating evidence, I would advise you. to be more rational in your investigation, Mr. Farwell.”

As they lock gazes with each other, Lucian’s displeasure couldn’t be any more obvious. Nevertheless, Roxanne maintained eye contact without any intention of backing down.

After a long while, Lucian finally retracted his gaze and got to his feet, all while desperately suppressing the anger within him. “I have sent the drugs you used that day for tests. We’ll talk about the results once they’re out. As for your advice, I’ll keep that in mind.”

With that, Lucian turned and left before Roxanne could respond. After watching the video from the surveillance cameras and seeing how protective she was of Jack, Lucian couldn’t predict what he would do if he continued the conversation. Losing his composure in front of her was something he swore not to repeat.

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