Mission To Remarry Chapter 1245

Before Frieda could react, Roxanne had already jabbed the needle into Aubree’s shoulder. Upon hearing Aubree’s agonized scream, Frieda returned to her senses and tried to stand between the two women despite her fear.

Immediately after she took the first step forward, and before she was able to say anything, a needle was inserted into her wrist.

An excruciating pain shot through her body at once, and Frieda’s mind went blank. Instinctively, she held her wrist and squatted down. She was in so much pain that tears streamed down her face continuously.

“You shouldn’t interfere. This is between Ms. Pearson and me,” Roxanne said coldly before going around Frieda and squatting next to Aubree expressionlessly.

Without Frieda’s support, Aubree was hardly able to stand up straight and was resisting the urge to roll on the ground as waves of pain washed over her.

Seeing that Roxanne was not about to let her off, the woman bellowed anxiously, “B*tch! Kill me if you can! Otherwise, I will definitely not let you off…”

Before she could finish her words, a volley of pain tore through her other shoulder. Battling against the intense agony, Aubree held her arm and fell to the ground, her forehead covered in cold sweat.

Roxanne squatted next to her expressionlessly. There was no hint of emotion in her eyes as she watched the two women struggle in pain.

“I’m just teaching you a small lesson so that you know how easy it is for me to kill you guys. Not only that, but I also have countless ways to turn your life into a living hell. Try me if you’re not afraid!”

After saying that, Roxanne cast a cold glance at the women and stood up. “My house is too small for important people like the two of you, so get lost right now. If you can’t stand up, I don’t mind helping you.”

As Roxanne spoke, she casually held up an unstained silver needle and flashed it in front of Frieda and Aubree. When the two women saw the needle, their pain intensified, and their faces paled even further. “Just you wait…”

Resentment filled Aubree’s eyes. Her hands, which had already gone numb, were clenched into fists and were trembling uncontrollably.

To prevent Aubree from saying anything that might further provoke Roxanne, Frieda endured her pain and stood up. After walking toward Aubree, she bent over and said, “Aubree, let’s go back first…”

While Frieda helped Aubree up, she felt another pang of pain in her arm. Both women were sweating profusely as all color drained from their faces.

Not wanting to stay even a second longer, after getting Aubree to stand on her feet, Frieda quickly dragged her out of the house.

“B*tch! That wretched woman!” Aubree mumbled bitterly as she walked away reluctantly. “I’m going to kill her! I will kill her!”

The two women attracted numerous scrutinizing gazes as they staggered out of the area outside the mansion. Aubree glared back at those people but received more fingers pointing at her instead.

“Ha! Just from the looks of it, it’s obvious that she has been caught having an affair with someone’s husband. There are so many mistresses these days!”

When Aubree heard that comment, her expression darkened at once. “What nonsense are you spouting? Do you know who I am? How dare you make such accusations about me! I won’t let this slide!”

Noticing that the person whom Aubree was scolding had halted in her tracks and was about to walk over to them, Frieda quickly grabbed Aubree’s arm and said, “Aubree, just bear with it a little longer. What if things blow up and word gets to Lucian?”

When Aubree heard that, she threw a furious glare at the passerby once more before walking away with Frieda.

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