Mission To Remarry Chapter 1249

At the sight of Lucian, Roxanne felt her heart lurch, and her eyes reddened. When no one came to open the door after many knocks, Lucian yelled, “Roxanne, open the door!”

Biting her lip, Roxanne picked up her phone and dialed his number. Lucian suddenly stopped ringing the doorbell and answered the call with a frown. “Where are you? Is no one home?”

Roxanne held back her tears and forced herself to sound calm. “I’d like to be alone for some time. Please go home first.”

Lucian immediately understood the meaning behind her words. “You’re at home, aren’t you? No, I won’t go home. Please open the door. Let’s talk this out.”

It was at that moment Roxanne’s tears finally rolled down her cheeks. Without saying anything else, she ended the call and walked away from the window. However, she felt troubled when she sat back on her bed.

Watching his screen turn black, Lucian frowned and stopped ringing the doorbell. Instead, he banged on it, calling out Roxanne’s name at the same time. “Roxanne, open the door! Let’s talk!

I won’t go home if you don’t see me!”

The children, who were in the living room, were discussing ways to cheer Roxanne up when they heard the yells at the door. Their eyes lit up. instantly.

“Daddy! It’s Daddy!” Estella’s face was full of tears, but her tone was filled with joy. With that, she leaped off the couch and ran over to open the door.

Upon seeing the children, Lucian knitted his brows. He could not hide the worry in his eyes. “Where’s she?” The children knew who Lucian was referring to.

Hence, Estella pointed in the second floor’s direction and choked, “U-Upstairs. Daddy, go up and check on her!”

Lucian’s gaze turned dark as he noticed their reddened eyes. He then calmly glanced in the direction of Roxanne’s room before entering the living room.

Archie, Benny, and Estella quickly followed behind him. “Two bad women came looking for Mommy just now!” Benny could not help but complain.

Hearing how grumpy they sounded, Lucian responded with a deep voice, “I know. That’s why I rushed over.” At the end of the sentence, Lucian squatted and stared into their eyes. “Can you tell me what those women said to your Mommy?”

Benny’s eyes flickered. Roxanne never let the children get involved in her matters with Lucian. However, Aubree and Frieda had gone overboard this time.

Clenching his fists, Benny mulled it over shortly and decided to tell Lucian everything.

Before Benny could open her mouth, Archie had already piped up, “They said Mommy’s a homewrecker who ruined your engagement. They forced her to stay away from you and Essie. They even tried to hit Essie. When Mommy stopped them, they hit her.”

With just a few sentences, Archie recounted everything clearly and coherently.

Surprisingly, he missed out on one part of the story, such as the part where Aubree and Frieda failed to hit Roxanne. Instead, Roxanne was the one who gave them a terrible beating.

Lucian’s expression instantly darkened. Aubree Pearson! How dare you attack someone I care about? “Mr. Farwell, is Mommy really a homewrecker?” Benny gazed at Lucian with eyes filled with tears.

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