My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1674

Jared said to Selena, “Had you not been recommended by your father, I’d have fired you right now.” At this moment, Stanley finally found Jared here after spending a long time looking for the man to no avail. He urged at the door, “President Presgrave, it’s time for the meeting.”

Jared darted a look at Ellen. Then, he warned her, ‘Stay here, before leaving. In the office, Selena’s face was livid one moment and pale the next. Looking somewhat ferocious, she looked daggers at Ellen, asking, “What’s your relationship with President Presgrave?”

Having seen through this cousin of hers, Ellen didn’t bother to answer her question. She retorted, “Is that any of your business?”

Selena looked at the young lady before her, who reeked of poverty from her very bones except for her pretty looks. “This can’t be possible! How could you be good enough for President Presgrave? What is it about you that qualifies you to catch his fancy?”

In a rare moment, Ellen’s face hardened, though her expression was already frosty in the first place. She pointed to the door, saying, ‘Please get out.”

Selena was stunned for a second before she realized she was being chased away-and by Ellen of all people. “J-Just you wait! I’ll make you pay for the humiliation I suffered today!” she threatened. With that, she tossed her head and left.

Exhausted, Ellen slumped into the chair as though she had just fought a war. Resting her. head in her hands, she felt an overpowering weariness sweep over her. Her brain was fatigued; her cheeks burned again without her knowing when she looked back on what Jared had said just now.

Am I too stupid to notice that he’s been courting me all the time? But has he ever courted me? she asked herself inwardly in hindsight. Nothing of the sort! Ah, my mind’s confused. Let’s not think about this anymore. Just calm down and do some reading instead!

On the other hand, Selena went downstairs and returned to her desk. She looked at her small office, then at Ellen’s large, spacious office.

She had never felt so aggrieved before and reflected on what Jared had said. So, Jared fell in love with Ellen first and has been courting her since then? And he said Ellen was stupid for not noticing that?

Selena bit her lip. How could Ellen be so lucky? This made her feel kind of resentful, as though her life had been wasted before this. It was like no matter how hard she tried to get luck on her side, she could never be as lucky as Ellen, who met Jared. Indeed, her family was rich, but it was simply nothing to speak of compared to the Presgraves.

She was really green with jealousy. The Presgrave Family’s money had never crossed her mind, but she had always dreamed of having Jared to herself ever since she first laid eyes on him. But now, he actually fell in love with Ellen, a poor relative whom she looked down on the most. That’s even more distressing than death, no? Just in what way is Ellen better than me?

She closed her eyes. Just then, her phone rang; she picked it up and took a look. Seeing that it was a phone call from a rich dandy whom she had gotten to know abroad, she immediately composed herself and answered the phone. “Hey, Charlie!”

“Lena, I heard that you’re back in the country. I have a dinner party this Friday that I’d like to invite you to join.” “A dinner party? What kind of dinner party is that?”

“It’s a charity dinner that’ll absolutely be fun.”

Selena was someone who judged people by their appearances. Charlie Dune’s family was rich, but she turned up her nose at him because he was over 220 pounds. This time, however, she wasn’t going to give up the opportunity to attend such a dinner party. Hence, she replied with a smile, “Well, then, let’s have fun together!”

“Alright. I’ll pick you up then, so dress up for the party!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t make you look bad,” Selena replied with a smile before ending the phone call. As soon as she hung up the phone, though, she had goosebumps all over in disgust.

Still, she was really in a foul mood today and had to look for something that would make her happy. Getting off work earlier than she was supposed to, she first went back to Ellen’s place to pack her belongings.

Ellen had given Selena the key to her place. At this moment, having packed her belongings there, Selena vented her anger by deliberately messing up the place. Not only that, she even smashed one of its ornaments to pieces.

Seeing how the place looked like it had been ransacked, she couldn’t help but laugh gloatingly. However, just when she was about to leave, Ellen pushed the door open and came in from the outside, having returned from work.

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