Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1000

“It’s you, Ben,” Finnick recalled how Vivian said she would no longer trust him, so he thought Benedict would be the perfect candidate for the hypnosis session.

“You should do it because you’re Vivian’s husband,” responded Benedict. He didn’t know why Finnick asked him to take up the job.

Isn’t Finnick the one that Vivian trusts the most? She’s known him a lot longer than I have.

“Vivian said she would no longer trust me,” uttered Finnick sadly. At his words, Benedict furrowed his brows.

“You should know women don’t mean what they say. You should take up the job. Stop evading responsibility.” Clearly, Vivian had said those words out of anger. Benedict knew how much she loved her husband.

Naturally, Finnick hesitated. Vivian’s life was at risk, so he couldn’t help but take every step carefully.

Finally, he took a deep breath and nodded. Benedict promptly encouraged him, and Finnick then told the doctor, “Let’s begin now.”

The doctor nodded in response. He put on his gloves and prepared a pocket watch before glancing at Finnick.

“Take your wife’s hand. Remember, no matter what happens during the therapy, you can’t let go.” He wanted someone who Vivian trusted to give her courage when she was in trouble. That way, the success rate would increase.

Finnick gave him a firm nod. The doctor proceeded to swing the pocket watch slowly in front of Vivian’s eyes. Soon, she closed her eyes and fell into a trance.

In her dreams, she met Finnick for the first time and registered their marriage before spending an awkward time together. After falling in love with each other, they were separated because of circumstances. They went through many hardships together.

A few times in between, Vivian nearly gave up when Finnick left her alone. She held her hands together tightly to give herself strength. Whenever Vivian grasped his hands tightly, Finnick would beam happily.

Meanwhile, in Vivian’s mind, she gave birth to a baby named Larry. Due to their negligence, their child was kidnapped.

This incident coincided with reality. The only different thing was that Vivian was currently witnessing the kidnapping incident with her own eyes. By now, blood was trickling down Finnick’s hand.

Benedict was about to help him clean the blood, but the doctor stopped him from doing so. After all, a slight movement would wake Vivian up from her trance. If that happened, the consequences would be dire.

Judging from how hard Vivian was clutching his hands, Finnick knew she must be in agony. He wished he could help by bearing some of her pain, but alas, it was impossible.

The objective of the hypnosis therapy was to let Vivian experience the blissful moments in life again so she would recover swiftly.

When Vivian saw Larry being abducted, she immediately went to rescue her child with Finnick. In the end, they successfully rescued him. In her dreams, Finnick comforted her gently as the three of them embraced each other. Her mouth curved into a blissful smile.

Finnick hadn’t seen her smile this merrily for a long time.

Shocked, he gazed at the doctor while pointing at her. The doctor nodded and flashed a warm smile. He then gestured for Finnick to look at Vivian. When Finnick turned at his shoulder, he noticed Vivian had opened her eyes.

She’s awake! He couldn’t hide the astonishment in his gaze. Has she regained her sanity?

“Vivian?” he called out cautiously. In response, Vivian gave him a slight nod.

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