Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1001

Finnick could hardly contain his happiness upon seeing her nod. He was grateful that she had returned to him again.

He stepped forward and gave her a hug without a care for the others in the room. “Honey, I’ll take good care of you. I won’t make you cry. You’ll be happy for the rest of your life, I promise.”

He pleaded, “Don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean it. Do you know how much I suffered when you lost your mind? I’d stare at your photos and sob, not daring to cry out loud lest you call me a sissy. I really miss the times where you yell at me. Honey, don’t leave me. Will you forgive me? I really miss you. I really do.”

Tears were rolling down his cheeks by now. Vivian felt a small patch of wetness on her shoulder as he spoke. She knew without looking that he was sobbing profusely. She shoved him away in disdain and turned to leave.

“Honey, don’t leave. Please don’t leave me!” Finnick took her arm in desperation. I can’t let her leave me and spend the rest of my days staring at her photos longingly.

“Stop crying. This is embarrassing.” It turns out, Vivian only wanted to get a napkin for Finnick. She was speechless at the man’s reaction.

“Honey, you’ve forgiven me?” Finnick was overwhelmed with happiness. At the sight of the dumbstruck Finnick, Vivian shook her head in exasperation.

“You’re crying in front of Ben and the doctor. Can I not forgive you?” Vivian answered with a grin. Back then, Finnick chose himself. There was nothing wrong with that, so Vivian pardoned him readily.

After coming back to her senses, Vivian realized she got angry at him for nothing. Hopefully, Finnick would forget I’ve ever done that. That was too embarrassing!

“Ben,” she greeted Benedict suddenly, rendering the latter astonished.

“Oh, are you greeting me? I thought you only have eyes for your husband.”

Vivian broke out laughing upon hearing the jealousy in his voice. She turned to the doctor and gave him a grateful bow. “Thank you for saving me.”

Indeed, Vivian was grateful for the doctor’s help. She knew she might remain a lunatic forever if it wasn’t for him. Vivian felt utterly blessed right now, for she still wanted to live on.

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Norton. You should thank Finnick for making the right choice,” replied the doctor as his lips curled up.

Finnick promised to express his gratitude to his friend another day. At the entrance of the hospital, Benedict and Finnick parted ways. Benedict had to go back to work while Finnick needed to bring Vivian home.

“Have a safe trip home!” With that, Benedict entered his car and drove away. Finnick placed his arm around Vivian protectively and led her home.

In the car, Vivian suddenly realized that they had forgotten about Rachel, who was still in the hospital.

When Vivian asked about her, Finnick shook his head. He had also forgotten about Rachel. Vivian’s illness caught him off guard, so he hadn’t had time to think about other people.

Finnick was reminded of Rachel’s existence after hearing Vivian’s question.

“Let’s visit her at the hospital tomorrow,” said Vivian. I hope she’s still there. She couldn’t even afford to pay her hospital bills and buy meals. I wonder how she is coping now.

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