Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1002

Vivian wanted to visit Rachel immediately to rid that niggling feeling in her heart, but Finnick refused to bring her there.

“You’ve just recovered. Let’s have a good rest tonight and visit her tomorrow together,” he replied. Finnick thought she shouldn’t be wasting her efforts on Rachel as the latter could betray her anytime.

However, as long as she didn’t harm Vivian, he would allow them to meet up. The moment Rachel tried to harm his wife, he would send her to hell so she could reunite with her daughter there.

After seeing Vivian descending into madness a couple of times, Finnick was terrified of losing her. He knew what it was like to lose a loved one and refused to experience it again.

“Aww, can’t you let me go?” Finnick’s words made sense, but Vivian’s sixth sense told her something was going to happen.

Feeling restless, Vivian tried to persuade Finnick to change his mind to no avail. Once he had decided, no one—including Vivian—could change his mind.

It was for Vivian’s best. Finnick nearly caved in as Vivian kept whining throughout the entire journey, so he speeded up and arrived home in no time.

Vivian reluctantly got off the car. Having gotten what he wanted, Finnick smirked.

“What’s wrong? Won’t you go in?” Seeing Vivian coming to a stop at the door and glancing around, Finnick came to her and put an arm around her. Did she change her mind?

“Well, it has been ages since I’ve been home. I’ve just realized how much I miss it,” came Vivian’s calm reply. She glanced at Finnick briefly before heading for the door.

This was her forever home with Finnick and Larry.

Vivian stood in front of the door for a while before pushing the door open. When the living room came into sight, she realized she must’ve caused a mess recently. The housemaid had cleaned up after her, but the stench remained.

“Finnick, you must’ve suffered a lot.” She went up to Finnick and flung her arms around him tightly, burying her face in his chest.

Her warm hug managed to calm Finnick down. Finnick gazed at the woman in his arms. After she regained her sanity, she seemed to have blossomed into an elegant lady.

He found this amusing. After all, Vivian was his wife. Nothing in the world could change that fact. Right now, Vivian was a sorry sight.

He ruffled her hair and chuckled. “My little fool. As long as you’re safe and sound, nothing else matters.”

Vivian looked up as they stared at each other for a long while.

As far as Vivian could remember, it had been ages since she last scrutinized Finnick. She realized he had lost a lot of weight.

Indeed, Vivian’s condition had drained Finnick’s energy, but luckily he didn’t give up hope. If he lost all hope, everything else would be futile.

“Alright. Let’s eat and go to bed.” Finnick had informed the housemaid, Greta, about Vivian’s recovery so she could prepare a light meal for them that suited Vivian’s tastebuds.

Greta was delighted to hear about her recovery and couldn’t stop grinning. When she saw Vivian walking in normally with her own eyes, her grin widened.

I was still lamenting about her illness this morning. Look, she has recovered now! Greta had never been this thrilled to prepare a meal in this household.

As she had prepared the meal in a jovial mood, it turned out to be a delicious spread. Vivian couldn’t help but smile at how yummy the food was. She gobbled down the food and glanced at the housemaid standing aside.

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