Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1003

“Greta, your cooking has improved a lot!” she praised with a warm grin.

Greta could barely conceal her delight. As far as she remembered, Vivian had never praised her before.

“No, no. I’m really happy that you have recovered,” she replied enthusiastically. Vivian gave her another smile and resumed eating her food.

They used to eat together as a family of three, but Larry wasn’t with them now. Vivian found that upsetting, but she had to consider Finnick’s feelings. She was no longer hung up over Larry after what had happened.

Little pumpkin will always be my son even though he’s dead. I won’t forget him, ever.

Actually, Finnick wanted to tell her Larry was still alive, but he decided it would be better to inform her after he found Larry. It would be a bad idea to give her hope, only to end up disappointing her again.

The next morning, Vivian woke up before the sun rose. Her mind was too preoccupied for her to sleep well. As Finnick was still asleep, she snuck out of bed and headed to the washroom to wash herself up.

When she walked out, Finnick was not in bed. Vivian rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Am I seeing things? He was sleeping there a moment ago. Where is he now?

Soon, however, her question was answered. Finnick appeared behind her and gave her a morning hug. Vivian jumped in fright at his sudden appearance.

“Honey, why did you wake up this early? Are you seriously considering abandoning me?” Finnick queried, seemingly distressed. Vivian rolled her eyes and turned to look at him.

“Then what should I do?”

“Bring me along.”

Vivian knew what he was planning. I can bring him along. After all, if Rachel is missing, he can help me find her.

“Let’s go,” she answered. They proceeded to make up their bed swiftly. As they had woken up too early, the housemaid hadn’t prepared breakfast yet. Hence, they had to take their breakfast outside.

Their breakfast was the usual French toast and milk.

As long as they were together, anything and everything would be delightful. In fact, even though they were having breakfast at a worn-down cafe, both of them were beaming merrily.

Finnick wiped off the breadcrumbs on her lips before paying for their meal. Instantly, Vivian wondered if Rachel had had her breakfast today.

“Finnick, should we buy some breakfast for her?” Finnick knew she was talking about Rachel, so he thought about it and responded, “She might not be in the hospital now. Plus, this is too heavy for her. If she’s in her ward, we’ll buy her something else.”

Vivian nodded approvingly. Sounds like a great idea. They entered his car and headed to the hospital.

It was past seven in the morning by now, so the street grew increasingly crowded. Vivian couldn’t help but sigh at the wonderful morning view and fresh air.

Her mood improved considerably as an exuberant vigor filled her entire being.

When they arrived at Rachel’s previous ward, the label still showed her name. That means Rachel was still here. After glancing at Finnick, Vivian knocked on the door and entered.

They saw Rachel lying on the bed with her eyes closed. When she heard the door opening, she opened her eyes abruptly. Clearly, their arrival startled her immensely as her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Vivian! I-I thought you wouldn’t come anymore,” she uttered. Vivian found her reaction funny. Why? Am I that untrustworthy in her heart?

When Vivian asked that out loud, Rachel froze and stuttered helplessly. She then glanced at Finnick, seemingly hesitant to reveal her thoughts.

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