Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1004

Oh, she is hesitant because Finnick’s here. Realization dawned on Vivian. “Why don’t you buy us some food? I need to talk to her in private,” she told Finnick.

Finnick shot Rachel a warning look, signaling her to not try any funny tricks. Otherwise, he would definitely make her regret whatever she did.

Vivian gave him a reassuring nod to tell him she’d put her guard up. After Finnick walked out, Vivian sat on the couch and glanced at Rachel quizzically.

“Well, Finnick’s gone. What is it?”

She knew Rachel wanted to speak to her in private and sent Finnick out to buy breakfast. Rachel hadn’t had breakfast yet, so she must be starving. Why not make use of this opportunity to get her food while also talk with her?

“Since you stopped showing up, the hospital was about to kick me out when Noah stepped in. He told me about your condition. I thought you hadn’t recovered,” revealed Rachel honestly.

She thought Vivian was still ill, so Vivian’s arrival caught her by surprise.

I can’t believe Vivian recovered so quickly.

Rachel initially suspected Noah had lied to her, but Vivian nodded in agreement. She fell silent and waited for Vivian’s explanation.

“I wasn’t doing well previously because of Larry’s death until a doctor successfully treated me.” Vivian provided a summary of the recent events.

Her voice was light, but Rachel could understand her anguish as she had a similar experience. Did Vivian really go crazy because of Larry’s death?

Consumed with guilt, Rachel wondered if it was too late to reveal everything now. A heavy silence hung in the air. When Finnick came in, he placed the breakfast he bought for Rachel on the table and went to sit beside Vivian.

After Rachel finished her breakfast, they cleared up the mess. It was time to leave. Finnick didn’t have much time to spare as he was busy at work. Thus, he needed to return to his company.

There was no way he would allow Vivian to stay here alone with Rachel. The latter might be sick, but one couldn’t be too careful. After rising to his feet, Finnick cast a look at Vivian.

They gazed at each other silently for a few minutes in silent communication before Vivian stood up.

“Well, I’ll get going now. You can call me if anything comes up. I’m still using the same number,” Vivian reminded Rachel, who gave her a nod blankly.

When Vivian was about to leave, determination flitted across Rachel’s face.


“Is there anything else you need?”

Vivian slipped her hand into Finnick’s and turned at her shoulder. Immediately, she noticed Rachel seemed grim. Does she feel unwell? She panicked and came to Rachel at once. Seeing Vivian’s reaction, tears trickled down Rachel’s cheeks.

Vivian’s anxiety heightened. Is the pain that unbearable? She hurriedly told Finnick to summon the doctor, but Rachel interrupted their conversation.

“Vivian, I’ve been keeping something from you,” Rachel wiped her tears away and announced solemnly.

For the past few days, Rachel had been deep in thought. Vivian took care of her meticulously and spent far more time with her than her so-called daughter, so she felt really guilty.

I need to make things clear right now. Otherwise, if I die out of a sudden, there is no room for regrets. Rachel firmly met Vivian’s anxious gaze.

“Actually, before Evelyn died, she entrusted Larry to me. She ordered me to kill Larry.”

Hearing her words, Vivian squeezed her hands. Did she feel guilty for killing my little pumpkin because I was nice to her?

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