Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1005

Instead of bombarding her with questions, Vivian opened her eyes wide and waited for Rachel’s explanation.

“Larry has visited me a couple of times, after all. I couldn’t bring myself to kill him,” Rachel added. Vivian perked up at her words. Does that mean my little pumpkin isn’t dead? Is she going to tell me where he is?

She pricked up her ears so she wouldn’t miss any information. Finnick felt his heart thumping as he waited for Rachel’s confession. He didn’t forget to observe if Rachel was lying. For now, he didn’t pick up any clues that she was lying.

“I left Larry with a friend of mine in the countryside. I’ve written the address down for you. You can find him there,” she concluded and presented a piece of crumpled note to Vivian.

After that, Vivian didn’t know how she made her way out of the hospital. Her emotions were a complex mixture. Previously, she was given hope, which ended in utter disappointment. Can I believe Rachel’s words?

She stood outside the hospital in a daze. Finnick came to her and ruffled her hair. “Actually, I’ve investigated about Larry. He’s still alive.”

Vivian’s eyes went wide in shock. What did he just say? My little pumpkin is still alive? So he had never meant to say that as a means to placate me?

Finnick nodded firmly. “When you saw that body, I told you that information, but you refused to trust me. I was planning to locate our son before telling you everything.”

After Vivian heard his explanation, she went forward and flung her arms around him as tears welled up in her eyes.

She had been waiting for this exact moment for her whole life. Thinking that Larry had died, she had struggled for a long time before finally letting go. Now that she found out her son was still alive, the pent-up feelings in her heart faded away.

“Finnick, our little pumpkin isn’t dead. He’s still alive! He’s not dead,” uttered Vivian as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. Finnick’s collars turned wet in no time, but she was too thrilled to notice it.

Finnick wiped his tears away secretly and closed his eyes while returning her hug. Finally, we can be reunited. I no longer need to bear the burdening guilt.

They embraced each other for a long time while sobbing and laughing uncontrollably. Even the passersby on the streets could not help but sneak a few looks at this strange couple before walking away curiously. Both of them ignored the strange looks as they were bursting with joy.

A few moments later, Finnick realized Vivian had fallen asleep in his arms. He picked her up gently and returned to his vehicle. He brushed her fringe away from her eyes as she slept peacefully.

She must be dying to see Larry now. Why don’t I drive there now? That way, when she wakes up, she’ll get to see Larry immediately. It will be a surprise for her.

With that thought in mind, Finnick started the engine and sped away.

When Vivian’s eyes snapped open, she saw a pair of chubby hands touching her carefully. The little boy realized she was awake and straightened his back.

“Mommy!” he greeted her sweetly.

The familiar voice caused Vivian’s heart to skip a beat. Is my little pumpkin back? I don’t remember picking him up. Why is he here, in front of me?

“Little pumpkin?” Vivian asked incredulously. She pinched her own arm in disbelief. This is real! I’m not dreaming! She wrapped her arms around Larry excitedly and told herself not to cry.

She had finally reunited with her son, so it wasn’t a good idea to cry her heart out now. Larry lay in her arms obediently. “Mommy, I’m back. I’ve been a good boy waiting for you to pick me up. I wasn’t naughty at all. I also didn’t cry.”

Vivian broke into a wide grin. She knew her son must’ve suffered a lot, but he was consoling her in return. She patted her head proudly. “You’re the best!”

Finnick watched the exchange happily. After that, they went to thank Rachel’s friend for her help and left some money for her before leaving with Larry. Finally, Larry was back home. Their family of three was together again, so it was a happy ending.

“Mommy, why is Daddy not at home again?”

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