Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1006

Larry woke up early the next morning, but Finnick was still nowhere to be seen. Daddy hasn’t been around for days now…

“Daddy is busy with work, so he might not be home for quite some time. You can call him if you miss him, little pumpkin,” Vivian said while patting Larry on the head.

She knew what Finnick was up to, but Larry didn’t, and she wasn’t planning on telling him about it. As such, she could only come up with excuses like that whenever he asked. Larry simply nodded at Vivian in response.

Meanwhile, Finnick was preparing a surprise for Larry to help him feel better after the traumatizing incident. Larry may be too old to forget the incident, but it’s still possible to make him feel better…

Larry and Vivian spent the next few days at home waiting for Finnick to return, watching TV on the sofa every night with bored looks on their faces. As Larry had just returned home not long ago, Vivian decided it was okay for him to take a short break from his studies since he was a much faster learner than most other children anyway.

Regardless, learning is an ongoing process and he should still go to school.

“Aren’t you going to sleep yet, little pumpkin?” Vivian asked while looking at Larry. He usually goes to bed pretty early, so why is he staying up so late tonight? Has he gotten used to sleeping late?

Unbeknownst to her, Larry didn’t receive the kind of pampering he usually did while he was at the farming village. He had an endless amount of work to do on a daily basis, and wasn’t allowed to sleep unless he completed them.

as a result, Larry got used to staying up late, he found it difficult to go to bed at nine.

He shook his head at Vivian, but she had him go to bed anyway out of concern for his health. Larry did as told when she broke the news to him that Finnick would come home the next day. After switching off the TV, Vivian lay in bed as she wondered what surprise Finnick had in store for Larry.

She eventually fell asleep at some point, and was woken up by a pleasant aroma the next morning.

Vivian opened her eyes and saw Finnick holding a cookie next to her nose.

“Finnick? You’re back?” she asked while hugging him tightly.

Vivian had been missing him quite a bit after a few days of not seeing him.

“Yeah, I am. Is little pumpkin still asleep?” Finnick ran his hand through her hair and wrapped an arm around her waist.

Vivian got out of bed and took a bite out of the cookie he made. It was really amazing and tasted a lot different from the ones available in most stores due to its unique aroma and flavor.

Larry walked up to them after coming down the stairs, and his eyes lit up with joy when he saw the huge cake and cookies on the dining table.

It was his birthday today.

Finnick had been away from home throughout the past few days so he could prepare those gifts for Larry. Larry was so happy that he could celebrate his birthday with Finnick that he just stood there, unsure of what to do.

He couldn’t remember when the last time was he celebrated his birthday. On top of that, he could celebrate it with Finnick. He was overjoyed and didn’t know what to do.

Vivian then led Larry over to the table, and the three of them sang him a birthday song before he blew out the candles. They were all very happy. The smoke from the candles took the shape of Larry’s name before disappearing into thin air, which Vivian found to be extremely pretty.

Finnick then had Larry try the cookies he made, feeling fully confident that they would taste great.

Larry took a piece of the cookie and was surprised to see it was made in the shape of his favorite cartoon character, Doraemon. However, the unforgettably heavenly taste was what really blew his mind.

Finnick shoved one into Vivian’s mouth as well before it was time to carry on with the cake.

After slicing up the cake, Vivian smeared some of the cream on Larry’s face and burst into laughter at how funny he looked.

Larry did the same to her, and laughed at her with Finnick. Vivian shot Larry an angry look and began chasing him around as she chuckled, “How dare you… Come back here, little pumpkin!”

This is pure happiness, and no one will ever take this away from me again…

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