Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1007

It was extremely crowded at Gryphone Airport in Baykeep.

Despite the gentle breeze blowing in the background, Hannah Young was drenched in sweat from the heat as she stood outside the airport entrance.

She tightened her grip on her camera as she glanced anxiously at the flow of people inside the airport.

The paparazzi around her too, had anxious frowns on their faces as they waited with their cameras in hand.

I’ve been waiting here for three hours now… The editor will kill me if I don’t bring back pictures of Yvette Tanner!

Hannah was especially patient when it came to her job, and it paid off as a commotion occurred in the airport about half an hour later.

A tall woman wearing a red lace dress appeared at the airport gate. Her rosy lips looked especially sexy, and she had on a pair of large sunglasses which highlighted her exquisite face.

Hannah’s eyes lit up instantly when she saw that, and she quickly got into a hiding spot as she prepared to snap away.

Yvette was a new starlet that had gotten famous recently after starring in a historical drama, and Hannah’s job was to get pictures of her arriving at the airport.

Yvette had three bodyguards dressed in black to escort her like a queen as she made her way through the airport.

“People sure become arrogant when they’re successful!” Hannah mumbled to herself.

Another commotion occurred behind her right after she said that, and the journalists began snapping away at the black Lamborghini that had just arrived.

Hannah tensed up when she recognized the familiar-looking plate number when she was about to hit the shutter button.

Is that really him?

The journalists surrounded the Lamborghini the moment it stopped outside the airport entrance and hammered on the car door as they shouted, “Mr. Norton! Mr. Norton!”

“Please come out, Mr. Norton!”

The man in the back seat was dressed in a grey suit and kept his head low as he continued typing away on his laptop.

The clacking of the keyboard was the only sound inside the car.

Caleb glanced at Fabian through the rear-view mirror and asked, “Mr. Norton, what do we do about the journalists outside?”

He even made sure to keep his voice as low as possible when he said that.

Fabian smiled after quite a while and crossed his fingers gleefully as he stared at Phoenix Group’s stocks on the screen.

Good… It’s gradually going up…

“Very good!” His voice was loud and clear with hints of hoarseness.

“What did you say, Mr. Norton?” Caleb asked in confusion.

Fabian closed the laptop with a loud smack and crossed his legs lazily as he leaned against the seat.

These journalists sure came at the right time… He thought to himself as he raised an eyebrow at the crowd surrounding his car.

“Come on, we’re getting out of the car!” Fabian said coldly.

Caleb nodded after a brief pause and swallowed nervously at the sight of the journalists outside.

If there’s anything I fear in this world, it’s journalists… They’re like a bunch of vultures who would devour even your bones if given the opportunity! However, I suppose there are times when they do become useful…

Fabian was immediately swarmed by the journalists who snapped away crazily the moment he stepped out of his car.

Hannah was staring at him in such disbelief that she went pale and couldn’t even lift her camera.

It’s him! It really is him!

Fabian Norton was the CEO of Phoenix Group and a genius when it came to finance, which earned him a spot at the top of the food chain in the corporate world.

However, what people didn’t know was the fact that he had been married to Hannah for a year.

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