Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1008

He had a polite yet cold smile on his face as he adjusted his white shirt and scanned the crowd around him.

Hannah took a few steps back nervously for fear of being spotted. He looked so cold.

She was about to leave the scene when she noticed Yvette running towards Fabian and throwing herself at him.

With the sunglasses off, Yvette’s beautiful eyes and fair skin looked especially stunning in the sun.

Hannah stood rooted to the spot as she watched her husband hugging another woman with a bright smile on his face.

I’ve never seen him smile throughout our one year of marriage. I thought he was just naturally cold towards people in general, but it looks like I was wrong… He was only being cold towards me. For the first time ever, I feel like I don’t know him at all…

Hannah took a deep breath and clenched her fists at the thought of that. She was about to leave when she got knocked down by a journalist from behind.

“Ouch…” Hannah groaned in pain as the delicate skin on her palm was cut open from the fall.

That caught the attention of the people around her, including that of Fabian’s.

The two of them made brief eye contact, but Fabian’s gaze was so cold and distant that it seemed like he was staring at a complete stranger.

Yvette wrapped her arms around his neck as she said, “Fab, I’m aching all over after the long flight… I want to get some rest…”

Fabian shifted his gaze back towards her and gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he said, “I’ve had someone arrange for your hotel stay. Come on, let’s go.”

Yvette held her hand over her mouth and giggled happily in response, much to Hannah’s chagrin as she witnessed their intimacy from afar.

Hannah felt her heart ache as she bit down on her lip that had gone pale.

Why is this happening? I don’t understand Fabian at all, but there’s no way he’d take a liking to someone like Yvette!

Despite being calm and collected usually, Hannah found herself losing her cool as she began walking towards them to confront Fabian.

She stopped in her tracks when she heard one of the journalists ask, “Mr. Norton, is Ms. Tanner your new girlfriend? How long have you two been seeing each other?”

Hannah held her breath in anticipation and looked straight at Fabian as she waited for his response.

What does he say to that?

Everyone else went silent and kept their cameras pointed at Fabian. “I hereby announce that Ms. Tanner here is my girlfriend!” he said out loud while flashing Hannah a cold glare, leaving her dumbfounded and bewildered.

Yvette wrapped her arms around Fabian’s and pressed her chest against his shoulder as she smiled gleefully at Hannah.

Hannah responded by lifting her chin and looking Yvette straight in the eye, which seemed to irritate her greatly.

“Fab, I’m tired, and my feet are hurting too… Could you carry me, please?” she said in the most coquettish tone possible while tugging at his arm.

Hannah glared wide-eyed at Fabian in hopes of him rejecting her request, only to see him scoop Yvette into his arms without any hesitation whatsoever.

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