Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1014


“I told you, he doesn’t do interviews. If you don’t leave now, I’ll have security escort you out of here!” The receptionist’s horrible attitude formed a huge contrast with her delicate features.

Hannah looked at the VIP lane on the side and let out a helpless sigh as she put her badge away.

I knew it would only result in failure…

She stole a few glances at the elevator as she began walking out of the building, hoping for a miracle which was unlikely to happen.

“Ms. Young!” The receptionist’s voice came from behind her.

Hannah was startled and quickly turned around. “Yes?”

“Mr. Norton said to send you upstairs. Please head to the president’s office on the twelfth floor,” the receptionist said reluctantly.

“All right, thanks!” Hannah replied with a smile.

As if I need her to tell me where his office is!

She then took the elevator up with a few of the staff members, but they had all gotten off by the time she arrived at the twelfth floor.

Hannah felt her heart racing as she stared at the floor number on the display.

Ding! The elevator came to a halt.

She tidied her hair and her dress before walking towards Fabian’s office with a faint smile on her face.

“You’re Hannah Young, right?” A woman in a black business attire appeared before her.

Hannah nodded and replied softly, “Yes, that’s right.”

“I’m Mr. Norton’s assistant. This way, please,” the assistant said while bowing slightly at her.

Hannah followed closely behind, and the two arrived outside Fabian’s office shortly after.

Knock! Knock! Knock! The assistant knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Fabian’s cold voice came from inside.

The assistant opened the door, and Hannah saw Fabian with his head low as he continued reading some documents at his desk. He looked so charming that she found herself a little distracted, but she also noticed something missing in her heart which made her feel extremely terrible.

“Ms. Young is here to see you, Mr. Norton,” the assistant said politely.

Fabian looked up and shot Hannah a cold glare. “All right, please get back to work.”

“Yes, Mr. Norton.” The assistant nodded and walked out of his office, leaving the door open for Hannah who was standing right next to it.

Hannah was so distracted that she didn’t even realize Fabian was wearing her favorite royal blue dress shirt with dark red cufflinks.

“You want to talk with the door open?” Fabian asked playfully, snapping her out of her train of thought.

Hannah quickly closed the door and introduced herself as she walked up to him, “I’m Hannah Young from Weekly Entertainment. Would you have time for an interview, Mr. Norton?”

“Do we even need introductions?” he asked in a hoarse voice while tossing his pen aside and crossing his fingers in front of him.

Hannah’s mind went blank for a moment, and she forgot what she had wanted to say.

After taking some time to reorganize her thoughts, she put on her most professional smile ever as she said, “Are you free at the moment, Mr. Norton?”

“I never do interviews, and you should know that better than anyone,” Fabian replied calmly.

Of course I do! It’s just that…

“This is my job, Mr. Norton. I seek your kind understanding on this matter.” She tried her best to make herself sound as polite and gentle as possible.

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow at her in response.

“May we begin the interview now, Mr. Norton?” Hannah cut straight to the chase.

Fabian walked up to her with his hands in his pockets and a devilish grin on his face. “Why don’t you answer that question for me instead?” he whispered into her ear while taking a sniff of her hair.

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