Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1020

Fabian simply shrugged in response.

Hannah found herself getting angry at how shameless he was. She bit her lower lip hard and her face was flushed. Fabian was not bothered. “Fabian, why are you doing this?”

Now that I think about the questions he’s answered earlier in the day, everything just seems to be dripping with irony…

“Because I hold the power to make that decision.” he replied casually and made his way into the kitchen before she could respond.

She curled up her legs and placed them on the sofa. When her toes could still feel the warmth when they landed on the patch that he sat on earlier. She didn’t hesitate but pull back her legs.

Hannah was really tired after having a long day and fell asleep on the sofa before Fabian was done making dinner.

Fabian smiled wryly when he saw her sleeping soundly when he served up the food. There was a glint of sadness on his face.

Then, he walked up to her and carefully carried her upstairs.

Hannah woke up on the way to the bedroom. She was greeted with Fabian’s burning gaze and jolted awake in the next second and she jumped out of his arms. “I can walk on my own now.”

There was a hint of bitterness in Fabian’s smile as he put his hands into his pockets and kept quiet.

Hannah bit down on her lip and stared at him for a while before turning around and running off.

Fabian then returned to the sofa in the living room and continued sipping on his coffee while staring at the food on the dining table.

Damn, why does coffee taste a lot more bitter after it’s gone cold? Also, I can’t believe I made all her favorite dishes, only to have them go to waste like this…

Fabian was gone by the time Hannah woke up the next day. After going through her morning routine, she had a quick breakfast and left for work.

“Congratulations, Hannah!” one of her colleagues shouted the moment she arrived at the office.

Although confused, she responded politely anyway, “Thanks.”

“Hmph, don’t get all cocky just because you got an exclusive interview!” Regina tugged on the strap of her Louis Vuitton handbag while glaring disdainfully at Hannah’s white canvas backpack.

“You do know that this is Fabian’s first ever exclusive interview, right?” Hannah responded in kind as she sat down at her desk.

“Just you wait, Hannah, I’ll wipe that smug look off your face!” Regina could be heard shouting through clenched teeth from behind.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Hannah looked up when she heard a knocking on her desk and saw Bob smiling at her. “Come to my office, Hannah.”

“Yes, Mr. Dijon!” She nodded and quickly followed behind.

After entering his office, Hannah closed the door behind her and eyed Bob’s facial expression nervously.

“Your exclusive interview has been very well-received, so we’re planning on making a second issue! Seeing that you’re in charge of the first one, I’ll have you take care of the second one as well!” Bob narrowed his eyes into a smile as he said that.

“What? Mr. Dijon, I can’t do that!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Why not? You did just fine during your exclusive interview, didn’t you? You know how important Fabian is to our company, so you should know that you’re the only one who can do this!”

Hannah pursed her rosy lips and refused to accept that task.

Bob let out a sigh and was about to say something when he was interrupted by an incoming phone call.

“Hello, Mr. Norton! Why’d you call us up in person? Is there something about the article that you’re not happy with?” he asked with a bright smile on his face.

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