Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1021

Hannah’s expression grew increasingly somber as she regarded the smiling senior editor.

She was not sure what Fabian said on the other end that had Bob nodding repeatedly in acknowledgment. This went on for a while before he hung up.

The senior editor reverted to his poker face before he regarded Hannah. “Fabian has initiated a follow up interview, and specially asked for you.”

Hannah looked up and met his stern gaze but was cut off before she could voice her protestations. “Get yourself there if you want to continue at this company!”

She furrowed. The tone by which this order was issued left her in no doubt that she must abide. “I understand.”

The man’s expression then softened alongside his inflection, “The fate of the magazine company’s in your hands now, Hannah.”

The woman was oddly vexed as she nodded. She then made her way outside to pick up her backpack and camera before she departed. Never could she had anticipated what was to come next.

“Are you Ms. Young? Mr. Norton’s in the middle of a meeting and will be with you shortly,” Fabian’s assistant said cordially as he held her at the door.

“I can wait.” Hannah returned the smile and went on to make herself comfortable at the rest area.

From where she was at, the entirety of Fabian’s office was visible through the window.

As Fabian was not fond of vibrant colors, the interior was furnished in shades of simple monochrome, and also obsessively clean.

“Please have some water, Ms. Young,” said the assistant.

Hannah promptly withdrew her gaze and nodded. “Thank you.”

“Relax, the meeting should be over soon.”

“Okay,” she replied staidly.

She was not worried though, as she had seen worse from Fabian.

The assistant bowed slightly before he recused himself to attend to his own affairs.

Hannah thought she might as well took the opportunity to review the questions she needed to ask later in order to prevent a repeat the same hiccup from last time round.

“Whew…” She exhaled deeply after closing up the document, but there was no notable activity outside.

A quick glance at her wrist told her that half an hour had already lapsed.

Out of boredom, she walked up to the French window to take in the sights beyond which helped improve her mood.

Her thoughts then wandered to that of the relationship between Yvette and Fabian, and what the future might hold for Fabian and herself.

She did not even realize that the man was coming behind her.

“A penny for your thoughts?” His deep and husky voice rang up behind her unannounced.

Hannah was slightly taken aback but promptly regained her composure. She used the same tone in the reply. “You could have scared people half to death sneaking up on them like that, Mr. Norton. Are you ready for me now?”

Fabian scoffed as he loosened a button before he strode toward the office.

Hannah set the camera in position and took her seat opposite him.

The woman cleared her throat and asked gently, “Were you willing to accept our interview on the account of Ms. Tanner?”

Fabian’s eyes lit up before he shrugged, “In part, yes.”

Hannah looked at his face vacuously. It seemed that she had spaced out.

She was mired with her own thoughts about him and Yvette.

“Hannah Young!” There was a certain severity in his tone.

Hannah was made aware of her own lack of professionalism but her brain bailed on her, unable to recall what she was supposed to ask next.

She hastened to refer back to the set of document placed on her lap, but only managed to fumble them all over the floor.

There was a cold furrow between Fabian’s eyes as he narrowed them.

“I’m so sorry,” the woman apologized as she tried to sort out the papers in her hands. She then went on to clumsily knock over the glass on the coffee table as she got to her feet. Some of its contents were spilled upon the hem of the man’s trousers.

The annoyance was apparent in Fabian’s eyes. “You should not have come if you aren’t going to take this seriously!”

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