Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1022

“I’m really sorry about this. Let’s start again.” She took a deep breath and rapidly switched into working mode.

Fabian was fully aware of her emotional fluctuations but made no comment.

“We’re interested to know how you and Ms. Tanner met and what remarkable circumstances brought the two of you together.” She appeared calm and collected, but her fingers could not be more tightly wound around the microphone.

Fabian adjusted his own sitting posture and nonchalantly tapped away on his knee cap with his fingertips. “I believe any man could appreciate a fine looking woman like Yvette. And her demure and undemanding nature suits me just fine.”

He observed her face intently for her reaction as these words were purposefully meant for her ears.

A sliver of displeasure glinted in and passing across her eyes, but it only took a slight dip of her head for her to recover the subtle smile on her lips.

She mostly kept to the script and refrained from asking anything intrusive, which pleasantly concluded this round of interview. Hannah kept her head bowed as she leisurely went about organizing her notes.

When she glanced up, her eyes ran head along into Fabian’s burning gaze.

Her brows perked up slightly. “Is there a problem, Mr. Norton?”

“You’re truly a competent journalist, to be able to maintain such dignity throughout!” It almost seemed like he was mocking her.

Hannah’s heart skipped a beat as she averted her gaze. “You are teasing me, Mr. Norton. Since our interview has been completed, I shall not continue to hold you up.”

She proceeded to pick up her backpack but was prevented from doing so by Fabian’s strong hand.

He leaned himself in so close until they were mere centimeters apart. “Know your place, Hannah. Remember that you are still legally my wife!”

Mrs. Norton. Such sweet irony.

She eked out a bitter smile. “Then, tell me, who’s Yvette to you?”

Fabian’s movements visibly stiffened. The look in his eyes was indecipherable to her.

He lowered his head as though he was contemplating.

Hannah quickly got the hint. “I’m leaving. Thank you for your time, Mr. Norton.”

With that, she bowed respectfully and then strode out of his office.

Fabian’s eyes were transfixed upon Hannah’s silhouette as she departed. Even though she had her head held high, she was nonetheless fearful of hearing his answer.

But why did he decline to say it?

Bob was quite pleased after reviewing the work done upon Hannah’s return to the office.

“Your editing skills seemed to have taken a little step back, and it seems as though you have been constantly lacking focus at work.” To which Hannah merely nodded profusely without reply.

“I would like you to handle all reports pertaining Mr. Norton moving forward.”

“Uh what? I…” Her first impulse was to refuse.

“Don’t even think about trying to get out of this one!” The senior editor stood up and drove his palms forcefully upon the table. His sparse strands of hair fell out of place as he did.

“I’ve consulted the Chief Editor and we’re going to give you a promotion and a pay raise. From now on, you’ll be a correspondent for anything related to Mr. Norton. Got it?” The man said as he patted down his receding patch.

It took a lot for Hannah to keep herself from bursting out in laughter. She could only say yes.

The senior editor allowed her to go on leave after the completion of her second exclusive so that she may make preparations ahead of the next one.

Hannah returned to her post and buried her head in her work. Regina strutted over in her platform heels and leaned against the former’s desk. She then calmly regarded the seated woman with arms across her own chest.

The expressionless Hannah stood up and looked the other woman straight in the eye. “What’s the matter? Has being the other woman caused you to lose your spine?”

“Hmph. So what if you clinched interviews with the CEO of Phoenix Group in two consecutive issues? There’s nothing to be cocky about!” Regina’s meticulously made up face was permeated with scorn.

Hannah stepped back warily from that woman who was clearly gunning for her again.

Regina cleared her throat and continued, “Don’t think that I don’t know you’ve been busy making a cuckold of your pitiable pauper of a husband with the boss of Phoenix Group!”

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