Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1023

The entire office fell silent and all eyes fell upon Hannah and Regina, not wanting to miss out on the juicy tidbits that the latter spoke of.

“Huh. You really do seem quite fond of going around snapping at people at random. Old habits die hard, don’t they,” Hannah prodded as she thought how beautiful veneers often belied an unspeakable heinousness.

She wondered how Regina’s lover even put up with her.

“Goodness me, Hannah. Who doesn’t know you’ve hooked up with Fabian Norton, and slept with him, his driver and his assistant as well? To think your poor husband has the misfortune of marrying a whore like you,” Regina retorted, not willing to back down.

Hannah heaved, clearly incensed. “If you can’t respect the journalistic profession, you’ll eventually pay the price.” Hannah stormed up and jabbed at Regina’s shoulder, sending the latter stumbling away from the desk.

Regina’s face contorted as she looked to charge at Hannah. The smirking Hannah deftly dodged backwards. Regina, who was too harried on striking, got her own feet entangled and her bum winded up on the floor.

“I’ll get you for this, Hannah Young!” Regina howled. Everyone stared at the pathetic state she was in without coming forth to offer help.

“Oh, and how do you intend to do that?” Hannah looked askance at her counterpart.

Regina shuddered. “Just you wait. Someone like you who pulled strings for advancement won’t get to stick around for too long!”

“Speak for yourself!” Hannah was already packed up and ready to head home.

As she passed, Hannah stopped to loom over Regina. Regina raised her own head to stare back in defiance. Hannah let out a sneer before she departed.

It went without question that this encounter deeply infuriated Regina. Her eyes burned in Hannah’s direction before she clambered onto her feet.

Likewise, Hannah had a pair of platform heels on as well. However, she was not as dimwitted as Regina. If not for the backing of her lover, Regina would not dare be so arrogant.

Besides, if Regina really tried to strike her, Hannah would be sure to remove her heels first time and whack that woman with them.

But that was just a thought. She was going to restrain herself no matter what Regina said because it really was not a big deal.

Ding! The elevator door opened.

Hannah was about to enter when someone shoved at her. She just about managed to stay on her feet by putting her hands to the wall.

“You. I have never expected that I’d run into you even here!” It was Yvette’s assistant whose sharp eyes enabled her to spot Hannah the moment the elevators door opened.

Yvette’s shades shielded almost half of her face from view. Even though Hannah could not see her expression, seeing her assistant behaving so haughtily on someone else’s turf was more than she could take.

Apparently, Yvette’s assistant was not done yet. “Are you still thinking about laying hands on our Yvette when you haven’t provided compensation for knocking into her the last time? Do you think you can even afford to pay for the damage?”

Hannah was almost knocked over herself. When she heard the assistant’s words, she responded frostily. “Aren’t you going to rein your assistant in, Ms. Tanner? Beware that her attitude might get you into trouble someday.”

The assistant looked to raise a hand against Hannah when she was held back by her employer. Yvette lips curled. “Allow me to apologize to you.” Hannah simmered down and nodded at Yvette before she passed them and into the elevator.

The assistant would not let up until the door closed. “How could you allow her to get away with it? And apologize to her, at that?” The assistant shook Yvette, quite confounded.

“This person has connections with Fabian so we should best leave alone. Nothing good can come of it otherwise.” Yvette looked at her assistant who nodded profusely. The latter genuinely did not realize how her thuggish behavior might sully Yvette’s reputation.

Hannah breathed a sigh of relief as she exited the building. Everything to do with Fabian was more than troublesome for her. So far, no one else on the streets recognized her, nor tried to make her feel uncomfortable.

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