Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1024

The occasional jet plane streaked across the backdrop of the clear blue sky. Several birds were perched upon the tree in front of the office building. Hannah let out a rare laugh as she enjoyed the sensation of the wind in her hair.

Barely two minutes passed before Hannah received a text from Fabian.

Reading its content brought her back to earth. She walked mechanically toward the station and hailed a ride home like an automaton, completing the entire process without emotion.

His message said: Wait for me at home, Hannah. I’ll give you what you want.

She wondered why it those words stabbed at her heart the way they did.

Hannah towed her own weary body into the house. The cleaner had already left. Owing to Fabian, they did not have a housemaid in their employ either.

She had the entire sizeable house to herself. After she poured herself a glass of water, she fell slump into the softness of the couch.

Fabian was probably unaware that she had left work early. For all she knew, he might be pretty preoccupied himself right now.

For this brief moment, Hannah rediscovered the simple pleasures in life.

After she finished her drink, she went upstairs to take a leak and a warm shower. Then, she applied a facial mask and fell fast asleep.

The house was dark by the time Fabian got back. The hour-hand on his wrist watch pointed at eight.

A frown appeared on his face before he went upstairs.

Fabian pushed open the door and sighed in relief to see Hannah sleeping soundly. He involuntarily walked over and sat by the side of the bed to check on her.

Her cheeks were delectably rosy in her sleep, which tempted him to chow down so that he might get a taste of it.

She let out a moan and appeared to be stirring, which gave startled Fabian. He jolted to his feet, only see that she was merely adjusting her position before she resumed her slumber.

He puffed out. His mental state was affected by her as he approached to pinch her cheeks lightly. “I’m going to order some take-out. Come on down and eat later!” Satisfied that she acknowledged him under her breath, he turned around to head back downstairs.

The woman in bed flipped herself around and ran a palm over the spot where Fabian sat. Fortunately, a slight warmth still lingered. She smiled as though a great burden was lifted off her.

The first thing Fabian did when he came down was to call Caleb and get him to look into what happened with Hannah over the past two days.

Next, he placed an order for four dishes and a soup with the hotel just outside of the villa. He went back up to find that Hannah was still snoozing.

He became more mindful of his previously assertive movements and tread lightly to Hannah’s bedside.

The man was oblivious to this minute detail, but the woman who pretended to be sleeping did. Hannah already knew that when he came up the stairs. She thought Fabian would be bothered by the fact that she did not pay any attention to him and turn to leave. To her surprise, he sat by and watched over her.

The ensuing blush which appeared on her face eluded him. He stayed there for a while until the door bell brought him away. Hannah then sat up, red to the ear like an apple. This was the most amount of time he had spent looking at her since they were married.

Hannah leaned against the door to listen for Fabian’s activities downstairs. She could hear him conversing with the delivery man, and then talk over the phone. Was her name brought up? Was I mentioned? Who is he talking to about me?

Is it Yvette?

She had no idea. As Fabian was calling, she jumped up and got herself downstairs. The table had already been laid and Fabian did not need her help at all. Hannah was astonished that a president would see to something like that for himself.

The look in her eyes told Fabian everything he needed to know. His lips curled into a smile as he reached out and ruffled her disheveled hair, leaving her completely bamboozled. He then nudged her along to the front of the dining table and pulled out the chair for her. The impeccable service rendered caught her quite off guard.

Is this Fabian?

The man ate a few mouthfuls before he realized that Hannah had the cutlery between her teeth while she left the food untouched. He was quite amused when he poked at her head. “Tuck in, we still have something important to discuss after dinner.”

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