Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1025

“Something important? What might that be?”

It did not occur to her that they had anything of particular importance to discuss, apart from the interviews. Does that have something to do with the phone call he made just now?

Fabian smiled broadly and his teeth showed. The exquisite face of his was in bloom and indescribably enchanting. That markedly raised Hannah’s expectations as she sat herself upright and ate.

The man’s smile widened still when he helped put some fodder into her plate. Hannah was overwhelmed by this display of affection that would really enhance their marital relations. Indeed, the family that eats together stays together. Therefore, it could only be a good thing for them to do so more often.

Hannah was grinning from ear to ear and wondered what motivated Fabian to do this. He was the one who dictated terms for them right from the beginning.

After the meal, Hannah got up first to begin clearing the table. Fabian did not sound too pleased behind her. “I won’t fight with you over that.”

Hannah was not going to be calculative with him about this, as she considered preparing meals and taking care of the chores part of her responsibilities as a wife. Not only did he not wake her up when she pretended to sleep, he made sure that she had food to eat and gently reminded her when she became distracted from the task at hand. This Fabian was a completely different person from the one at the office.

If only the interviews went as swimmingly as this. She hoped that he would not continue to make things hard for her going forward.

When Hannah returned to the couch, Fabian as already there waiting for her. His slender legs were crossed and his smile was perfect. It was difficult to read what was on his mind.

“How’s work these past two days? Were you pleased with your interview with me?” He then frowned. He had not meant to be so direct in asking, as he did not want her to catch on.

Hannah’s eyes widened. That was not the question she was expecting to hear. “It went pretty well. My boss gave me a promotion and raise after the interview. I couldn’t be happier!” Hannah sounded more excited than she realized.

Fabian asked purely out of concern, but Hannah was under the impression that he was using the interview as a prelude to broaching another subject, again. Hannah had not forgotten how Regina had leveled some unfounded slander at her. All because she managed to secure the interview with Fabian.

“I have to ask, seeing that you went to bed quite early,” Fabian said. His eyelids twitched as he tried to explain.

“I’m okay,” she replied. Fabian had no idea how troubling his womanizing ways had been for her.


That name popped up in her mind. Hannah looked expectantly at Fabian and wondered why he had not spoken about what she most wanted to hear.

Fabian felt his chin when he saw her eyes fixated upon him. “Did I get something on my face?” He then leaned in closer.

Hannah, who was angled forward before, backed off when he tried to close the gap. Fabian was relentless and sat himself down right next to her. Hannah was exasperated and at a loss as to how she ought to react.

The seasoned Casanova Fabian kept at it, pressing in and laying her down expertly. The cold sweat against her back did not trouble him as he caressed her over her top.

The overwhelmed Hannah was dumbstruck and did not know where she ought to place her hands. His pretty eyes hovered and magnified right in her face.

Hannah thought she might as well shut her own lids.

Fabian chuckled briefly and Hannah reopened her eyes to regard him, baffled as to why he was laughing when she was already nervous to bits.

“What were you looking forward to?” Fabian asked as he beheld her cheeks. How could his little woman be so impossibly adorable?

He absolutely loved this aspect of her personality.

Hannah was profoundly embarrassed. The man roundly thwarted every attempt of hers to push her way up. He laid his weight upon her when she started to struggle. She thought that he was messing with her and was about to kiss her today.

Fabian laughed heartily as Hannah’s bashfulness grew. She finally gave up on her futile resistance and ended up leaning against him in exhaustion.

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