Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1026

Her panting prompted a reaction from him. With his thighs upon the lower half of her body, she soon felt him too. She was scared stiff. Her face was flushed like a lobster, as was her body as it shrunk from him.

The man smiled in gratification at the woman who felt so delicate in his arms. He pressed his hip against the reticent woman who only buried her head deeper into his shoulder. She thought it was her squirming that brought about this biological response, and had no idea that Fabian was feeling desirous.

That night, Hannah was carried to bed by Fabian. Even though they did not do anything, she slept more soundly than when she did alone. This was why she got married.

Though many things happened over the course of the day, she felt secure with Fabian beside her. Fabian had a wet dream in which he had Hannah underneath him and…

When the rays of the sun came streaming in the next morning, Hannah was already up. The first thing she did was look at Fabian. His serene expression as he slept felt less guarded. It must be that his reluctance to open up to anyone that led to her getting hurt. His sleeping posture clearly indicated someone who want to be protected.

Hannah wanted to take a photo of him while he slept but his eyes opened and regarded her, as though he had sensed her intentions. “Why aren’t you preparing to go to work? Would you like me to send you there?”

She was caught out red-handed and appeared sheepish.

Hannah pulled the blanket over him. “It’s fine. I can make my own way there.” She then quickly averted his gaze.

She was going to take the subway to work today. While waiting, she turned her head to Yvette’s advertisement board forcing itself into her consciousness. It did not make her feel very good so she decided to move to another part of the platform.

There were few people around as it was earlier than usual. Hannah was seated at the front of the train and unexpectedly ran into an acquaintance.

Regina! Had she noticed Hannah’s presence, she would surely approach. Regina’s platform heels provided sufficiently elevation that she was able to hold on to the safety bar with tremendous ease. Hannah was able to recognize her right away.

However, Hannah had no intention to relocate herself. Evasion was the way of cowards.

She pulled out her cellphone to browse the news. As more passengers filed in, she thought she would finally be free from that eyesore.

Many passengers came and went when the train pulled into a major stop. Hannah did not pay too much attention to whoever was seated next to her.

Regina did not think that way. She took the opportunity of others alighting to seek out a seat quickly as her feet were killing her. When her lover did not show up last night, she was unable to hitch a ride in the morning and had to settle for public transportation.

What a small world it was for her to bump into the one she most disdained. Regina gnashed her teeth when she walked over and took the spot next to Hannah. She took care to make sure her slightly messy hair was tended to.

She glared at Hannah for a long time without yielding a response from the woman who remained oblivious to her.

The clutch in Regina’s hand was the newest model released this year, and her feet was clad in leather heels made in Italy. She was decked out from head to toe with the latest offerings from major fashion labels which turned more than a few heads when she boarded the train. These were apparel that Hannah was well acquainted with in her line of work as an entertainment reporter, stuff which she would be able to recognize at a glance. However, Hannah paid them nor Regina no heed till the latter’s eyes became strained from staring.

Regina was having none of it and reached over to obstruct Hannah’s view of her screen. “Hannah Young.”

Hannah showed displeasure as she just chanced upon a tabloid report about Fabian lunching and doing what-not with another celebrity. She was mentally prepared to read on before she was rudely interrupted.

She shook her head and exhaled when she saw that it was Regina. “Oh, it’s you. Shouldn’t your lover be sending you to work today?”

Hannah’s rather loud voice drew the scowls of those around them, and that made Regina a little uncomfortable. “Don’t be arrogant, Hannah. Do you seriously think Fabian’s still interested in you after you’ve seen all these reports on him? He’s only toying with you!”

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