Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1028

Regina intentionally spoke loudly so that everyone in the office could hear her scathing words through the door.

What followed was a flurry of voices engaging in discussion.

“I think Regina has a point. Many people have interviewed Fabian before. How is it that only she was able to be so successful at it?”

“Right. I would think so too. Fabian never did exclusives before. If she didn’t do anything, how could she have secured this benefactor?”

“Yeah. I don’t know who her husband is, but I wonder if he was aware that she’s this sort of woman.”


The displeasure was apparent on Hannah’s expression in response to the commotion outside. “Not everyone is as shameless as you are, Regina. I’ve done nothing that you’ve been making up time and again, whereas you’re petty and unreasonable. Do you think I’m afraid of you just because I chose to overlook your lack of manners?”

Regina had no retort for Hannah’s pointed barbs, and could only rage on about her own suspicions surrounding the exclusive with Fabian. “Me making things up? Then, explain how only you managed to clinch the interviews with him?”

“I…” Hannah was dumbstruck by that question and did not have a good answer for it.

Did Fabian agree to the interview because I am his legal spouse?

No, it can’t be, as all there is to us is a piece of paper. He was so cold to me and he has the vampish Yvette. There’s no way he would have considered my position.

But what other explanation is there that could account for this fact? Is it my exceeding talent? Heh. I need to stop kidding myself.

Seeing Hannah rendered speechless filled Regina’s heart with glee. She raised her head as much pride as a crowing rooster and taunted, “What else have you to say for yourself? Did I just hit the nail on the head? A woman should be chaste. You say that I’m a mistress and all that, but turns out that underneath that folksy demeanor of yours lies the biggest slut of all!”

Hannah snapped out of it. She felt it laughable that a kept woman should be talking to her about chasteness. The sheer irony of it all!

“I’d still say the same thing. I did none of those things that you’ve been accusing me of. Stop spreading rumors and besmirching my reputation, or I’d take you up for slander. My conscience is clear so you could go on and investigate all you like.”

She did not want to waste her breath against a conniving woman who would do anything for money, so she left it at that and walked away.

All the skeptical eyes in the office regarded her with such intensity that it was almost like they could pierce through her. Hannah maintained her composure and walked on unhurriedly. After she stepped back into her own office, she plopped herself down on her chair and used her delicate digits to massage her own temples.

Regina gave her a headache. She was not afraid of that woman but found her quarrelsome nature extremely irritating.

Fabian sat at his desk, seemingly distracted and lost in his own thoughts. He picked up the letter from the table and casually looked it over before he nodded and smiled meaningfully. He appeared to be brimming with confidence.

He snapped his fingers before picking up the phone. “Help order a bouquet of roses, and have a car ready for me.”

Fabian then stood up and checked his attire. He then put on his tailored suit and went downstairs.

Hannah checked the time and exhaled. She rubbed her slightly empty stomach before she stood up.

She was knocking off and wondered if Fabian would be home.

Sigh… I guess he could be canoodling with Yvette.

When she got out from the elevator, she was puzzled to see a crowd gathered near the front entrance.

What’s happening here?

What are these people doing?

Hannah used her lithe body to wade through the masses until she emerged from the other side.

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