Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1029

There were a number of luxury cars parked right in front of the entrance to the building where her company was based out of. The black Rolls Royce between the white Lincolns was especially eye-catching.

To the front of the Rolls Royce stood two uniform rows of five men with arms akimbo, all dressed in black suits and shades. Between them were two individuals in a similar getup, one of whom was closer to the fore. The difference with this one was the exceptional make of his suit which accentuated his frame perfectly.

The pair of shades added an air of mystery about him. Underneath it was a chiseled face which evoked an unfathomable charisma.

The one right behind him who had a large bouquet of fresh red roses in hand yet appeared oddly out of place.

Hannah was positively smitten. Her jaw hit the floor before she swallowed hard. Is this some profession of love? Cause if that is, it is way too awesome!

When she thought about her own predicament, she could only lament. Never mind this sort of confession, I should be thanking my lucky stars if that aloof man does not try to boss me around.

Hannah shrugged. She took a quick glance toward the man as she shifted to the side and prepared to leave.

Huh? Why did that smile resembled Fabian’s? Hannah shook her head vigorously, and wondered what had gotten into herself recently. She wondered why she kept compulsively thinking about him.


“Huh?” She turned back and replied instinctively upon hearing her own name called.

Hmm? She started looking around. It did not seem like anyone was calling her. Have I misheard?

“Over here.”

A voice seemed within earshot. This time she lifted her head in the direction of its source.

Hannah’s eyes widened. The one calling her was none other than the mysterious man who was at the center of everyone’s attention. And that man was none other than Fabian. How could this not had taken Hannah by surprise.

Her lips parted in abject disbelief.

Does Fabian stage this for me?

She had to pinch herself on the arm to make sure she was not dreaming.

Ouch. That hurts. Instead of frowning, Hannah’s face was filled with excitement. That feeling, however, dissipated instantaneously when she saw the people around her.

She reverted to her usual sedateness.

At this moment, Fabian had received the roses from his assistant and was making his way over.

The onlookers looked on in bated breath, and strained their ears to pick up on whatever was being said.

Fabian’s well-crafted dress shoes tapped crisply upon the ground with an almost melodic quality.

“Thank you for accepting my interview the last time, Mr. Norton.” Hannah tried very hard to suppress her own delight. She smiled courteously and pretended to not know Fabian well.

“You’re welcome, Ms. Young. It was something I wanted to do myself as well.” Fabian smiled slyly. He read her thoughts so instead of exposing her, followed up fittingly.

If this is how you want to roll, I’ll play along.

Fabian looked over to the eyes in the crowd which were transfixed upon them and laughed. He had not really taken care of her too well so he considered this a form of reparation.

The man suddenly took to one knee, with back straightened and head tilted up. His expression evoked a certain elegance and his eyes burned with passion as they gazed intently upon Hannah.

“I’ve fallen for you from the very first time we’ve met, Ms. Young. Through the process of our interviews, I’ve only grown more certain of my feelings and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to confess my affections for you. Ms. Young, I hope that you could give me a chance to date you.”

Fabian finished his declaration with sincerity before he extended the roses forward, his eyes locked imploringly upon Hannah as he waited patiently for her answer.

“Come one! Say yes!” Someone in the crowd cheered and the others started to chorus after him.

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