Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1030

“Say yes!”

“Say yes!”


Amidst the ruckus, a sharp voice shouted, “Marry him!” That made Hannah sweat it.

Fabian was beaming.

What has gotten into him, acting out of character today.

Hannah was over the moon, yet some doubt lingered. Why was the aloof Mr. Norton suddenly so nice to her today?

What should I do? Should I agree? Would other people think that I’m too easy? If she refused, Fabian would be embarrassed, and there would be hell to pay when she got back.

After some thought, Hannah still accepted the roses from Fabian. “I… I’m quite overwhelmed.”

Fabian was all smiles. He got to his feet fluidly and dusted off around his knee. “I hope I wasn’t being too abrupt, Ms. Young. We could start out as friends if you like.”

Hannah acted a little assured and avoided being overtly emotional. “Alright, let’s do that, and see what happens.”

Fabian chuckled inside at the woman’s gift for words.

With that, he took a step forward and positioned himself right in front of Hannah. “How was that? Did it make you happy?”

Hannah rolled her eye. Before she could speak, Fabian held her by the shoulders. Her face flushed red as she chided him coquettishly, “What are you trying to do, Fabian?”

“Okay, show’s over. Let’s go for dinner. What would you like to have?” Fabian asked as he looked straight into her eyes.

Being held in full view of a live audience made Hannah squirm uncomfortably as she sought to get free.

That only made Fabian strengthen his grip and put an arm over her shoulders. “Better play ball if you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of so many.”

Shameless! Hannah could only cuss in silence and follow his lead.

“The hero gets the girl, as it should be.”

“Right on. Just look at what a lovely looking couple they make.”

“I didn’t think Mr. Norton fancies that type. Looks like I’m shit out of luck.”


The fervent discussions reached their ears. Some were of praise, and others were of teenage girls’ lovelorn lamentations. None of which bothered Fabian, who could not stop smiling. Hannah to the side was thoughtful when she stole a glance at him.

Am I really compatible with him like the others said? But I thought Fabian does not really care for me.

The duo strolled up to the black sedan and prepared to get in.

The crowd was uproarious before they too prepared to disperse. Just then, a discontented voice rang out and stunned all present.

“Are you sure you want to pursue a married woman, Mr. Norton?” An alluring woman decked out in designer goods and a branded clutch took center-stage out of the blue.

That put a frown on Hannah’s brow, yet she remained undaunted. Don’t you know that I’m wedded to Fabian? This Regina’s so annoying, I’m shocked that she hasn’t grown sick and tired of herself yet.

Fabian’s eyes darkened as he narrowed them. He let go of Hannah and turned around in search of the woman who spoke. “Is that so? Kindly elaborate.”

Regina thought her instigation took effect when Fabian relinquished his hold on Hannah. Pitting yourself against me, Hannah Young? Hmph! Now watch how I’ll ruin you.

She then strode forward smugly. “To the best of my understanding, Hannah’s already married but avoided mentioning her husband so that she may continue to fool around with men outside. What a loser this man must be to not only marry a loose woman like her but also let her do whatever she wants. Do not be bewitched by this slut, Mr. Norton.”

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