Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1031

A terrifying aura enveloped Fabian as he shot Hannah a sharp glance.

She shrugged casually as she grinned playfully at Regina.

Pfft! You should really get your facts right before you decided to stir things up, missy. Or else, you’d be making a fool out of yourself like now. I bet you didn’t know the good-for-nothing person you’re referring to was Fabian.

Regina’s smile became broader when she noticed Fabian’s expression had darkened.

Haha! Take that, Hannah! Let’s see how’re you going to go up against me when you’ve lost everything you have.

Regina continued, “Mr. Norton, this woman was notorious for being a slut in the office. She’d shamelessly trade herself to get a promotion. Besides that, I even saw her got into your assistant’s car with my own eyes to get a chance to interview you.”

As Fabian listened to the terrible accusations coming from Regina’s mouth, he could not help but picture the endless judgment and mistreatment Hannah had to endure at her office. His heart instantly burned with anger at that thought.

However, he clenched his teeth to suppress his anger.

Regina was secretly pleased with Fabian’s angry expression. However, she understood that this incident had involved Fabian. She did not want Fabian to get the wrong idea, or else her efforts would go to waste. Hence, she quickly masked her smile with a hint of pity. “Mr. Norton, I’ve told you everything I’ve known. I didn’t want you to be fooled by her thus I decided to tell you. You’re a man of power and wealth, and they’re so many great women out there. Why waste your time on someone like her?”

She shot Hannah a look once she had said those words. Her eyes were filled with triumph as if she was declaring her victory of this war.

Hannah ignored her stare as her eyes were fixated on Fabian. She was quietly anticipating a drama to unfold.

“Are you done?” Fabian asked angrily as he took a step forward.

His voice was slightly hoarse but firm. The people present were startled by the drama that was happening as no one dared to make a sound. Even if someone had walked in, they would join the crowd as they quietly watched the trio.

“I’m done talking, Mr. Norton. Please believe me. Everything I’ve said was true,” Regina quickly responded.

“Really?” Fabian repeated as he laughed coldly. “Everything you said was true? Well then, tell me who’s her husband. What car does my assistant drive and what was the car registration number?”

Fabian asked one question after another. Regina was taken aback but quickly opened her mouth to answer. “I…I…” she stuttered.

“What is it? Cat got your tongue? Well, let me help you. Everything you’ve said were made-up lies, right? You must have planned this all along, or else you wouldn’t have been able to make so many false accusations in one go,” Fabian stated. His words were like swords that pierced through her heart as he revealed her scheme bit by bit.

Regina was dumbfounded at first but quickly thought of a countermeasure. She raised her head confidently and stated, “Huh? Why would I lie to you? You can run a background check on your own. She was indeed married. Come to think of it, her husband’s probably a good for nothing as well. He’s never appeared in public with her. Anyhow, I had received reliable news that she was married!”

Hannah quietly watched Regina spit “facts”. She had no idea that she was plummeting to her death.

That’s right! So what if I was married? In fact, it was with the man before you! What a dumb b*tch, how dare you call Fabian a good for nothing! Go on, you don’t even know what’s coming at you!

The crowd was convinced that she was speaking the truth judging by her expression and body language. One couldn’t lie in such a natural manner. Thus, the crowd nodded as they whispered among themselves while glancing at Hannah. Whereas, the others were quietly observing where the drama would lead to.

“Really? Reliable news? What a coincidence! I’ve also received news which claimed that she was single. Did you think I wouldn’t gather information about her before I pursued her? As for the reason why you’d lie to me, I guess you’d know better.” Fabian had a plan in mind as his eyes darkened.

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