Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1032

“Mr. Norton, please believe me. I swear I wasn’t lying.” Regina panicked when Fabian did not believe her. She planned to bring down Hannah’s reputation. However, if he chose not to believe her, she would be in trouble!

Fabian did not intend to let Regina off easy as she had made things really ugly for her wife with her false claims. “So are you claiming that my leads aren’t accurate? I’m really confused here, why would a little employee like you doubt my abilities? Where did you gain such confidence to spit these words? he said aggressively.

Regina shuddered as she stared at Fabian. She was in disbelief that things did not go according to her plan. “No, no! It’s not like that, no!” She shook her head frantically.

Hannah shook her head and thought to her herself. What’s going on? Are you losing it because your plan failed? You could’ve done anything, but you chose to play these tricks on Fabian. I bet you’re in shock. Well, karma’s a b*tch.

Fabian took a few steps forward and said condescendingly, “What’s not supposed to be like that? Then tell me, how should it be? Would you like me to humiliate Hannah and allow your plan to succeed? Or I should let her live as an outcast while people continue to mistreat her for the rest of her life? How could there be such a vicious woman like you? You’d have ruined her reputation once and for all if she was someone else!” Fabian asked as he took one step forward at her every time he asked a question.

Regina could not help but step back. At last, she fell onto the ground, looking defeated as she observed her surroundings.

This is not real, it’s all an illusion. How could Fabian not believe my words? The fact is she’s married! She really is! That’s it, I need proof! I had to find evidence!

Fabian grunted coldly as he ignored Regina who remained seated on the ground. He turned to look at Hannah with a gentle expression and said, “Let’s go.”

He ignored Hannah’s objection and took hold of her arm as they walked towards a black Rolls Royce.

When they reached the entrance, Fabian leaned in slightly to open the car door and gestured for her to get in the car. Then, he got into the car after Hannah.

Moments later, the car sped away. Regina was left sitting on the ground feebly as she took in the whispers and judgment of the crowd around her, including a few of her colleagues.

“Who knew everything is her doing all along. I told you I was right about Hannah. She doesn’t seem like the type who’d do such a thing.”

“It’s a good thing that Mr. Norton was a righteous man. Otherwise, Hannah’s reputation would be ruined.”

“Who knew she’d turned out to be someone like that. They were from the same office, yet she treated Hannah like that.”

Regina clenched her teeth as she listened to both passers-by and her colleagues criticizing her. Her lips were pale as her eyes were filled with hatred. This is all your fault, Hannah. I’ve gone through this because of you. Just wait, I’ll get my revenge. Both you and Fabian. I’ll ruin both of you when my time comes.

While Regina dwelled in her bitterness, Hannah was sitting quietly in the car with a sweet smile plastered on her face.

Hannah was indeed feeling happy about the incident earlier. However, it was not because she had won the battle against Regina, but what Fabian said at the end.

Hannah was quickly lost in thoughts as she glanced at Fabian the moment she got in the car.

How did he know I was misunderstood in the office? Did he purposely come to solve things for me? Or was he just in a good mood?

Then again, his last few words were clearly in my defense. Besides, I was the reason he became furious. Does that mean he has developed feelings for me?

Hannah could not wrap her head around him. Why’s he doing all this? Is it because of me?

“What? Was there something on my face?” Fabian interrupted.

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