Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1033

Hannah was embarrassed and quickly avoided his eyes, “No…Nothing.”

Fabian let out a small laugh as the corners of his lips curled into a devilish smile. “Are you having naughty thoughts about me as you are mesmerized by my handsome looks?”

“What… Damn! You’re pretty shameless.” Hannah blurted as she pouted her lips.

“Huh?” Fabian looked at her questioningly as he did not hear her.

“Nothing. So, where are we having dinner?” Hannah quickly changed the topic.

“Are you asking me out?” Fabian asked as he leaned into Hannah’s ear. His hot breath had caused a surge of itchiness around her ear.

Hannah immediately backed away and leaned back on the seat with her eyes closed. Her eyebrows knitted together as her body trembled. Gosh, why did he do that? I can’t deal with itchiness, especially the area around my ears.

“What is it? Am I that terrifying?” Fabian was displeased as he frowned at her reaction.

Hannah did not respond but continued pushing him away from her, hoping he would get the hint and back off.

However, Fabian was not the type to play nice. He moved even closer when he noticed Hannah resisting him. Fabian inched his face so close to hers that their nose touched. “I think I deserved a “thank you” since I got rid of a huge problem on your behalf,” he said teasingly.

So he does care for me! He came to my rescue only because he knew what I was going through. But, how should I repay him? I’m already his lawfully wedded wife. What else does he want from me?

After some time, Hannah managed to stammer a reply. “Well… Thank you for helping me out today.”

“Don’t you think your repayment is rather simple?” Fabian asked plainly.

“Well, what do you propose?” Hannah was confused.

“I want you.” Fabian’s eyes gleamed as he squinted devilishly.

Hannah hurriedly backed away but soon realized there was nowhere to escape. She was like a rabbit caught in a hunting trap, watching Fabian advanced on her with eyes full of lust.

He was very pleased with her reaction and smiled. He turned back and said, “That’s what you get for calling me shameless. Did you really think I didn’t hear you?”

He was merely teasing her. However, people would be surprised if they saw him acting like a child towards Hannah.

However, Hannah thought otherwise. She broke a cold sweat due to Fabian’s behavior. But she was also speechless when she knew the truth. Who knew someone as ruthless and cold as him could also be so adorable.

“Okay, we’re here.” Fabian opened the car door and stepped out.

Hannah exited the car and found herself standing at the entrance of the pizza joint she frequented.

She was rather taken back by his choice of location. Who knew he’d eat at a place like this too.

It was a small restaurant and the crowd who would usually dine in during weekdays were ordinary white-collar workers. Hence, the people were stunned as they stopped eating when they noticed a luxurious Rolls Royce parked at the entrance.

“Damn! Who’s this big shot? Why would someone who drives a Rolls Royce eat pizza?”

“Look! That man’s extremely hot, and the woman beside was also gorgeous.”

Hannah was a little embarrassed.

Hannah felt uneasy from the constant stare she was getting from the people around them. She looked at Fabian and found him in a rather calm and unbothered manner.

Oh yea, I forgot. He’s a president who grew up with tons of attention from others. This must be a piece of cake for him.

Upon entering the restaurant, a waiter approached them and gestured, “Hello, please follow me. Here we have…”

Fabian noticed Hannah’s uncomfortable expression as he raised his hand and gestured towards her.

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