Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1037

“Mr. Dijon, are you looking for me?” Hannah said as she entered the senior editor’s office.

Bob looked up at her with a glint of surprise in his eyes. Hannah felt as if she was being scanned by an X-ray detector.

For the next minute or two, Bob continued to stare at Hannah with an intense look, making her feel more and more uneasy.

Upon seeing the beads of sweat forming on Hannah’s forehead, Bob came back to his senses. Coughing awkwardly, he said, “Oh… Ms. Morrison wants to see you at her office.”

Ms. Morrison? The super strict, top-tier Chief Editor Vivian Morrison? Why does she want to see me? I don’t think I’ve made any big mistakes in the past few days though… Hannah stared at Bob with a baffled expression.

Bob shook his head at Hannah. “Don’t look at me like that. I have no idea what she’s seeing you for. But…”

Bob paused, leaving Hannah on a worrisome cliff-hanger.

“But what?” Hannah asked.

After making sure that no one was near his office, Bob went a little closer to Hannah and whispered, “Ms. Morrison has just fired Regina when she called for you just now.”

“What? Regina got fired?” Hannah frowned. Sinking into deep thought, she fell silent. Regina got fired, and now Ms. Morrison is calling for me? It must be something related to Fabian… I can’t think of anything else?

Lesley narrowed her eyes and gave Hannah a shifty look. “Gosh, don’t sweat it. You should get going. Ms. Morrison is waiting for you!”

Knowing exactly what Bob was hinting at, Hannah felt a little exasperated. She wanted to explain for herself, but she feared that it would make things even more confusing and troublesome. In the end, she said, “I’ll go now.”

Hannah’s heart pounded as she strode off. What is Ms. Morrison seeing me for?

I hope she doesn’t think that I’m the sort of woman who would seduce and sleep with Fabian for the sake of putting Regina down.

Should I explain to her to clear up the misunderstanding?

As Hannah thought about those things, she eventually arrived at Vivian’s office. However, she could not muster the courage to go in. After pacing about for a minute, she gritted her teeth and turned the doorknob. Why should I be afraid? I haven’t done anything wrong!

The office door flung open to reveal a pale-skinned, elegant lady seated behind her desk. Even as she just sat there, she exuded an exceptional aura.

She must be Chief Editor Vivian Morrison!

Stepping into the office, Hannah greeted Vivian with a small voice. “Ms. Morrison, I’m Hannah Young.”

“Please have a seat over here,” Vivian replied.

Vivian’s voice sounded full and resonant like the ringing of a handbell.

Huh? She seems a little different than what I’ve heard of from the rumors.

Blinking uneasily, Hannah slowly made her way to her seat. Just then, she realized that there was another man in the room.

“Fabian!” Hannah gasped. “Why are you here?”

Fabian was smiling at her the whole time as if waiting for Hannah to embarrass herself. With a sly smirk, he said, “Why can’t I be here?”

Hannah was displeased about his reply but knew that she had to behave herself since she was in the Chief Editor’s office. She turned to Vivian and explained, “Ms. Morrison, I’m sorry… I’m really sorry. I’ve been doing interviews about Mr. Norton lately, and I was simply a little shocked to see him here.”

Vivian pursed her lips. Hmph. You dare to call him by his name simply because you have interviewed him? It was evident that the two before her had a rather special relationship. Vivian chose not to comment and replied, “Okay. It’s nothing, really. Please sit.”

“Okay,” Hannah said, glaring at Fabian as she sat down beside him.

“Mr. Norton came here today to give me some constructive suggestions for our company.” Vivian looked at Fabian and was surprised by his oddly casual expression. Shifting her gaze back to Hannah, she said, “As for you, I wanted to talk to you about Mr. Norton’s interview.”

Constructive suggestions? Fabian must have been involved in Regina’s dismissal!

Did he do it for me?

Talk to me about Fabian’s interview? Is that what he wants too?

Those thoughts popped up in Hannah’s head as she listened to Vivian speak. “Okay. I’ll definitely take your suggestions very seriously,” Hannah replied earnestly.

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