Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1038

In the atrium of the office where Hannah used to work at, a shrill shriek suddenly broke the silence.

“What? I’ve been fired? Why?” Regina had completely lost it after finding out that she was fired. She was so emotionally unstable that she was flailing her arms around as if she would take off from the ground any time soon.

Bob was rather disgusted by her disgraceful behavior. “Can you stop acting like a monkey?” he scoffed.

“How dare they fire me? I’ve never done anything to harm the company in any way! How dare they fire me just like that!”

The fact that she had just lost her job was so devastating that she could not even care less about her image in front of Bob.

His expression darkened, Lesley said, “This is Ms. Morrison’s decision. If you’re unwilling to accept this, you should go to her. Why in the world are you making a scene here?”

Regina could tell that Bob was also on the verge of losing his temper and immediately apologized. “I’m sorry, I’m just really flustered… But Ms. Morrison…”

To begin with, Bob was never fond of her stupid attitude; moreover, he knew about some of the things that happened behind the scenes. In short, Regina was never going to come back to work ever again. Thus, Bob did not buy whatever show Regina was trying to put up. “Okay, shut it. I need to work. You should leave now.” He cut Regina’s cries off dispassionately.

Bob’s “eviction order” proved to be rather effective. Knowing that he had no intentions of helping her, Regina just left as there was nothing she could do.

With her eyes bloodshot and her teeth clenched, a name suddenly flashed in her head. Hannah Young! It’s you, isn’t it? You must have persuaded Fabian to use his connections to get Ms. Morrison to fire me! I’ll make you lose everything too! I swear!

Hatred welled up within Regina’s heart, and she cussed at all of Hannah’s family and ancestors in her head.

The rest of the people at the office could not help but notice Regina’s pitiful plight. They began buzzing about the situation. The cold gazes of the people around her only exacerbated Regina’s rage. “What are you looking at? What is there to see? Do you not know who I am?” she screamed.

In the eyes of all the other staff at the office, Regina was but a mad dog biting at everyone she saw. They ignored her yelling and got back to work.

Meanwhile, back in Vivian’s office, Hannah had just listened and jotted down the pointers Vivian was talking to her about. However, she found something odd about the simplistic content. This is not that useful at all… Did she really call me here just to talk about this? Her intuition told her otherwise.

As it turned out, Hannah was right. After asking her some stereotypical questions about her personal life, a glint of excitement flashed across Vivian’s eyes, and she spoke once more after glancing at Fabian. “Hannah, how are you acquainted with Mr. Norton?”

Huh? Is that what she wanted to find out all along? I guess the Chief Editor herself is also curious about why I’m doing Fabian’s interview.

But… isn’t it an awkward question to ask in front of Fabian?

Vivian’s actions did not seem to match her veteran identity in the showbiz industry.

Hmm… Unless the two of them are acquainted too… and are close to each other… Hannah furrowed her brows. She could not think of any other possible reasons to explain Vivian’s behavior.

Err… How should I even put it? Tell her that we’ve already sealed the deal?

Hannah glanced at Fabian with a helpless expression but was greeted by his look of amusement instead. She could see his sneaky smile gleaming in his eyes as if he was watching an interesting show. What? Is he expecting me to come up with something?

Fabian, you jerk! hat’s with that expression of yours instead of helping me? I’m so going to ditch you one day! Hannah’s head was bombarded by those complaints.

Oh, gosh. I have to come up with something. There’s no other way.

Unable to meet Vivian’s gaze, Hannah looked down at her feet and began making up an excuse on the spot.

“Err.. I met him for the first time when… when Mr. Dijon asked me to interview him. Even though I knew that Mr. Norton has never allowed any media company to interview him, I went ahead and tried my luck because… because Mr. Dijon requested for me to do it.”

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