Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1039

Hannah’s stammering did not get better as she went on. “Upon arriving at Mr. Norton’s company, I explained the purpose of my visit to the receptionist but was rejected. In the end, I… I waited for him all day long outside the company, and the security tried to chase me out… Then… Mr. Norton suddenly appeared, and we… we met for the first time.”

Hannah sighed deeply. Wow! That was so difficult! She was hoping that her story would be convincing since it would answer Vivian’s question about how she managed to interview Fabian.

She intentionally talked about the interview in detail and only touched on how the two of them had met in a single sentence.

“And that was how we met. Yeah…” Hannah finally raised her head. Looking at Vivian, she seemed confident about her “factual recount”. On the other hand, her heart was pounding like a thousand drums.

Her story actually had some bits of truths in it. She even added the incident that happened at Fabian’s company the day before, which many people had witnessed, knowing that Vivian definitely heard rumors about it too.

Fabian’s gaze became rather stern as he looked at Hannah. That was pretty interesting! I am impressed! Hannah, I didn’t know you were this good at making things up! I wonder if you have ever lied to me like this before.

After listening to what Hannah had to say, Vivian nodded. Though she knew that there were definitely fabricated elements, she did not want the situation to turn more awkward.

After all, she did not really have the right to interrogate Hannah about personal information she was unwilling to disclose anyways. Judging from Hannah’s expression, Vivian was sure that she had given her the overall picture. However, she still felt that there was something more to her relationship with Fabian.

Well, I guess I understand why Fabian has to pay me a visit now. Regina is simply too much.

Feeling sorry for Hannah, Vivian sighed, then said, “That Regina girl has really stepped out of line this time. There’s no need to worry too much though. I’ve already dealt with her.”

Vivian heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Vivian change the topic. “Thank you, Ms. Morrison.”

Vivian smiled at her. “You should thank Mr. Norton. He reported the case to me.”

Hannah blinked. Thank him? No way. He took me for a clown just now.

However, Vivian went silent, and she had no choice but to do as she was told. Turning to Fabian, Hannah said, “Thank you, Mr. Norton.” With that, she pouted her lips and rolled her eyes as if to express her discontent.

Fabian felt the corners of his mouth twitch. Hah… Is she trying to act cute in front of me? But she’s da*n cute…

“Ms. Young, you’re most welcome. I’m counting on you for my future interviews.” Fabian then raised his head and looked at Vivian. “Vivian.” That was a name he was all too familiar with.

Vivian froze. Fabian had always called her that in the past.

It took Fabian a moment to come to his senses. Coughing awkwardly, he said, “Ms. Morrison, if you’re done talking to us, Hannah and I should get going. We need to discuss the details about my interview.”

Vivian took a deep breath. The past is in the past. ”Mr. Norton, I think you can take your leave. I’m afraid that I can’t see you off because I’ve got a lot of matters to attend to. See you next time.”

Hannah noticed the fishy looks that Fabian exchanged with Vivian, which confirmed her suspicions.

Fabian called her Vivian! And she shook a little upon hearing that? Was it out of shock?

Don’t tell me… Don’t tell me that the two of them used to date or something?

Fabian nodded his head subtly and replied shrewdly, “Okay. See you next time.”

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