Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1040

After leaving Vivian’s office, Hannah could not wait to ask Fabian about the unexpected episode from moments ago, but she did not want to anger Fabian in any way. As she sank into a dilemma, Fabian said, “Hannah, you were quite the creative genius just now! If I didn’t know the truth, I would have totally bought into your lies.”

Hmph. You’re not actually complimenting me, are you? Scratching her head, she mumbled, “I didn’t have a choice. I mean… I can’t talk about… talk about…”

All of a sudden, Fabian stopped in his tracks and grabbed Hannah’s face.

Hannah was absolutely horrified by his sudden move. “Fabian, what are you doing?” she asked.

“You’re such a good liar. Your eyes and expression were so convincing. How can I even tell if you’ve lied to me before?” Fabian’s gaze was cold and foreboding. Evidently, he was very serious about his question.

Hannah’s eyes widened, feeling a little exasperated about Fabian’s sudden mood swing. “Aren’t you thinking too much? Why would I even lie to you?”

“Who knows…” Fabian narrowed his eyes as he pressed himself closer to Hannah.

Hannah frowned. I’ve never lied to you. Why are you being so grumpy? Feeling defensive, she held her head high and stepped forward. The tips of their shoes were touching as they locked gazes—neither of them was backing down.

Fabian eyed Hannah intensely as if to find a trace of deceit. On the other hand, Hannah looked more self-assured than ever.

Just then, Fabian bent his neck slightly and gave Hannah a peck on her cheek. He did it all so naturally and swiftly that one might wonder if he had planned on doing that all along.

Stepping a few steps backward, Fabian said, “Maybe you’re swindling me for my chastity?”

Fabian’s kiss caught Hannah by surprise. She fell into a daze until she heard Fabian’s suggestive remark. Her pupils dilated as she spluttered, “You pervert!”

Chuckling slightly, Fabian reminded her, “Hey, we are at your office right now. Are you sure you want to yell like that in here?” With that, he walked away.

Hannah was so angry that she trembled a little. Has he no shame at all? She immediately ran after him to catch up.

Unfortunately, Fabian came to a sudden halt, and she bumped right into his back. Rubbing her head, she mumbled, “Why did you stop all of a sudden? My head hurts.”

Fabian did not respond and simply looked straight ahead. Poking her head out from behind him, Hannah caught sight of a woman who blocked their way.

Damn it! Why is Regina everywhere?

Regina swept her eyes across the couple before her. Hmph. These two just left the Chief Editor’s office together. My guesses were correct. They must be the ones who got me fired!

Fabian simply glared at Regina with his sharp, angsty eyes. How dare this woman treat Hannah like that! He would have done much more than getting Regina fired if it were not for Hannah’s sake. He did not want Hannah to feel too guilty about the situation.

With an obviously fake smile plastered on her face, Regina said, “Mr. Norton, Ms. Young. I want to apologize for what I did yesterday. I’m the one in the wrong, and I shouldn’t have slandered Ms. Young. I’m really sorry! Would you forgive me?”

Hannah was flabbergasted. She could almost feel her jaw drop. Regina is apologizing to me? What is happening? Is the world finally coming to an end?

However, Hannah soon wrapped her mind around the situation. Evidently, Regina was trying to do damage control so that she could save her job. Apologizing would mean nothing to her if it’s for money!

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